Vol. 8, No. 19
May 11-17, 2000
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Fun Plus Giving Equals Good Bay Times

Lilting notes from tight bands — rock, blues and reggae — wafted up the South River on Sunday at Bay Weekly’s annual Birthday Bash and charity fundraiser at Surfside 7.

Hundreds of party-goers feasted on the most delectable treats imaginable provided by (in alphabetical order) Barbara Sturgell of Happy Harbor, Anna Chaney of Herrington on the Bay Catering, John Remy of Lagoons Island Grille, Scott Sorrell of Olde South Catering and our host Jerry Osuna of Surfside 7.

Under a magically breezy tent, people had their bodies and minds soothed by a collection of healers: Cyndy Bartlett, Deborah Cross, John Greensfelder, Jerrol Kimmel, Barbara Mayerman and Mary Kent Norton.

Then, as a porchside silent auction wound down, the incomparable Ladies with a Gavel — Pam Parks and Judy Howard — went to work. They auctioned off thousands of dollars of donated goods and services — from airplane rides to fishing trips to lunches with political leaders to crab feasts for all the friends you could conjure up.

Proceeds from this year’s Bay Weekly Birthday Bash go to the South River Federation, a rejuvenated organization dedicated to improving the water quality and to watchdogging against unwise development along the special river where the festivities took place.

We take this space to tell you about our delicious day in the sun for several reasons. First, we want to remind those of you who didn’t come of the pleasures you missed.

The real reason is to thank the many business people who went far beyond our hopes in supporting, supplying and sustaining the Bay Weekly Birthday Bash for another year.

What we witnessed was a bounty of charity and volunteerism that symbolizes what is best about living in Chesapeake Country. People who live and prosper here understand that the secret to success is returning something for the greater good.

Giving is especially worthwhile when you can see the fruits of your donations. Two years ago, our benefit for the Oyster Recovery Project enabled the seeding of tens of thousands of oysters in the Bay and tributaries.

Last year, money raised for American Forests enabled the planting of hundreds of trees in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties.

This year’s effort is even more challenging: Seeing to the health of the river that separates North from South in Chesapeake country.

But thanks to our many Bay Weekly friends, an organization of eager people will be empowered to take on the task.

When you drive across the South River Bridge, those of you who made the Birthday Bash possible by donating or taking part can nod your head in either direction — toward the open Bay or inland toward the headwaters — knowing that you helped out.

And don’t hesitate to look down and smile, recalling all the fun we had.

Copyright 2000
Bay Weekly