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Vol. 8, No. 2
January 13-19, 2000
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Kevin Kline Cuts a New CD
by Mary Catherine Ball

Kevin Kline is living the life.

With a self-titled CD, an upcoming trip to Nashville and a resume that includes opening for Ben Folds Five and Kool & The Gang, this 24-year-old is digging that life.

Kline, of Sunderland in Calvert County, debuts in the professional music scene with this CD, a combination of songs reaching into everyday life and touching upon loneliness, love and faith.

A few years ago, Kline’s dream was to enter the police academy. But “the shift work would have stopped me from playing music, the responsibility would have kept me from this lifestyle I have now, and I made the decision move on,” Kline says.

Now, other dreams have come true.

“Let It Rain,” a piece echoing Billy Joel’s musical style with pounding piano sounds, leads the album. But don’t stop there.

When you want a soothing ballad, try “Waltz with an Angel.” Want a rocking groove? “What Kind of World.”

Lyrics work with melody to pull you further in. Each song reaches out to the person who hopes for success or who mourns the loss of love or dreams for more.

“I constantly feed on myself and am influenced by others. Songwriting is a craft that I started when I was 16, and I will never master it,” says Kline, who takes his cues from the Piano Man and Elton John.
Kline committed to serious song writing and performing when he joined Johnny Monet & the Impressionists, an Annapolis-based band. When the band separated, Kline pursued his solo interests, still maintaining ties with the other band members, now The Remnants.

“I was always recording my own music but never pursued it to the point that I am now. I sat back and learned what I had to learn and made sure I was ready to do it right when I finally did it,” Kline says.
Kline packs his bags and heads to Nashville later this month. After meeting with his new management team, Kline hopes to have a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

He’ll line up future venues, prepare to record a new album with one of Universal’s minor labels and, he hopes, fit in time to come back home and play for his hometown.

Find Kevin Kline at Tower Records or

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