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Vol. 8, No. 2
January 13-19, 2000
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The Kids on the Block

Have you seen The Kids on the Block?

They travel across the country to see boys and girls, just like you.
Kids on the Block are a special group of puppets who have a message to send to you and your friends.
These puppets talk about problems you might run into with your family, friends and in school. Learn about how disabilities affect kids and why feelings are hard to express.

In December, The Kids on the Block visited Deale Library. Two puppets, Melody and Brenda talked about the importance of feelings for a school project. Take a look at what they had to say.

And keep an eye and ear open because the Kids on the Block have something to say to you.

Feeling Scramble
Unscramble these feeling words, if you can.





One day I wake up, I’m feeling good.
The sun is shining, I’m in a good mood.
School is gonna be really fun
We’ve got a field trip to the museUM.

I walk out the door to go to school.
Forgot my homework on the kitchen stool.
Forgot my umbrella, it started to rain
Got a bad grade in science again

Then the teacher said, “I’m sorry Mel …
I’ve got some bad news I’ve got to tell
You’re not allowed to go on the trip
See, you forgot your permission slip!”

I get home from school, I’m tired and blue.
My brother says, “Hey what’s wrong with you?”
I say, “Bad day makes me wanna cry.”
He smiles and says, “Let’s go for a drive.”

So if you’re feeling sad or blue
Find somebody you can talk to.
Can be a grown-up or a parent or friend
Just a cool person who will understand.

Create Your Own Puppet

  • Adult Sock
  • Curling ribbon or yarn
  • Paper plate or poster board
  • Children’s scissors
  • Washable markers or crayons
  • Washable school glue
  • Nickel
  • Jar lid

Pull the sock over your hand. The top of the sock should be facing up and the heel of the sock facing down.

Have an adult cut two small slits close together. Pull the ribbon or yarn thru the holes. This is the hair.

Trace a nickel two times on a paper plate. Cut and color these circles. They are the eyes. Glue them on top of the sock, a few inches below the hair.

Trace the jar lid on the paper plate. Cut and color it. This is the mouth. Fold the mouth in half and glue it on the bottom side of the sock.

You made your very own puppet.

Kids' Calendar

Talk Nature
Fri. Jan. 14 (10:30am)-Talk nature with Quiet Waters Park. Preschoolers discover all nature has to offer in crafts, stories, songs and short nature walks. Ages 3-5. Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis. $2; rsvp: 410-222-1777.

Zany Numbers
Jan. 14-16–Take on the Zany Brainy 24-Game Math Club Challenge. It's a mind-boggling, brain-bending weekend of fun with numbers! Ages 9+ Jan 14 7pm; Grades 1&2 Jan 15 2pm, Grades 3&4 Jan 16 2pm. Zany Brainy, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410-266-1447.

French Fun
Sun. Jan. 16 (3-5pm)-Celebrate France and become king or queen for a day. Enjoy Alliance Française's Fete des Rois program. Try to read one of many French comic books while munching refreshments. Room 214 Humanities, Anne Arundel Community College: 410-518-6393.

Afterschool Happenings
Jan. 18 & 20–The fun starts when school is out. Make crafts, play a board or outdoor game. Have fun with new friends. Activites sponsored by Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks. Grades 3-5 Jan 18 3-4:30pm & Grades 1-2 Jan 20 3-4:30pm. High Point Elementary School, Pasadena: 410-222-7313.

Tales Mummies Tell
Wed. Jan. 19 (7-8pm)–Do you want to hear mummies talk? Enjoy a night of mummy stories, activities and crafts. Learn the legend of Queen Hatsheput, if you dare. Grades 1-6. Crofton Library, Crofton.

Watch Wimzie!
Thurs. Jan. 27 (2 & 7pm)–Superfantabulous fun for everyone! Don't miss PBS character Wimzie when she stars in Happy Birthday Wimzie. Wimzie and her friends entertain you for 80 minutes of heart-pounding fun. Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro. Purchase tickets: 301-952-7999.

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