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Vol. 8, No. 23
June 8-14, 2000
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South River Federation Thanks You

Dear Bay Weekly:

I want to offer my sincere thanks for the amazing day at the Bay Weekly Birthday Bash at Surfside 7. The tremendous variety and number of donations that were offered by local individuals and companies are a great testament to the wide readership of Bay Weekly. I was awed by the whole event.

The South River Federation is a small group of individuals who want to make a difference in their community. Thanks to the civic-mindedness of Bay Weekly and the generosity of its readers, the SRF will be able to step up our work on the river. We invite both the staff and readers to come out and work on a project late in the summer.

Thanks to you and your staff for all of your time and effort planning this outrageous event, and especially for choosing South River Federation as the beneficiary. We look forward to working with you closely (in the river) in the future.

—Drew Koslow, President, South River Federation

Good Fun and Good Works

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am humbled to learn that “lunch with Mike” started a bidding war at your Seventh Birthday Bash but pleased to know that the result was additional funding for the South River Federation. Congratulations on a successful auction and thank you for your hard work in the community.

Delegate George Owings III and I were also pleased to be able to further help the community by entering spelling teams in this year’s Calvert County Literacy Council benefit competition. My team members came kicking and screaming and somewhat wary but quickly got into the competitive spirit. Their goal was for each of them to get through at least one round and ultimately beat Del. Owings’ team. They met those challenges and made me proud. And, we all had a great deal of fun.

—Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.

Senator Miller is President of the Maryland Senate

Our Good Times at Ocean City are Free

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton’s column about Ocean City, “Abandon All Cash, Ye Who Enter Here” [May 18-24], will certainly discourage many tourists from going there. Our families have been going to that resort every spring, summer and fall, but we never abandon a penny (let alone all cash) there, because we are fortunate to be able to live near Annapolis and thus can go on day trips, starting at 5am and returning around 10pm

We pack our own coolers full of food & drinks and even a Sterno, all bought here, and carry our own beach chairs, umbrellas, kites, surfboards and beach toys. With a bit of walking, we can easily find a free parking space even close to the boardwalk. Aside from the $2.50 bridge toll, everything else is free in O.C, provided you don’t buy anything or eat at the eateries there. It is fun to stroll on the fabulous boardwalk and cringe at the $4 boardwalk fries (small cup) while munching on your own home-made ones.

We always enjoy the free, beautiful, wide, million-dollar beach of O.C., rebuilt thanks to the gullible Maryland taxpayers, which include us.

Now if we only had a straight-shot, eight-lane highway to O.C., then many more Marylanders, Pennsylvanians and Virginians would be able to make day trips to this fine resort. After all, we don’t want the overcrowding of Deale, Chesapeake Beach and nearby places because of their reasonable prices and attitudes — or do we ?

—Eddie Tecumseh Yo, Davidsonville

What Is All the Commotion About?

Dear Bay Weekly:

Our families are in support of the Safeway-sponsored Deale Marketplace.We are convinced that construction and operation of this facility will greatly benefit all the citizens of the Deale/Shady Side/West River/Tracy’s Landing and Owings Area.

What is all the environmental commotion about? Safeway is providing a flood abatement solution that will greatly improve, not degrade, the immediate area. They also have a viable traffic management solution that will mitigate the currently growing congestion at Route’s 256 and 258. Safeway, not the county, has agreed to pay for these needed improvements.

This is not a steel mill nor a horse rendering glue factory. It’s a grocery store. The vast majority of our neighbors are for the Deale Marketplace as illustrated by the overwhelmingly supportive mailer poll noted in a previous issue of Bay Weekly.

The Board of Appeals needs to approve the floodplain waiver and to quash the misguided and unfair Small Area Planning Committee “targeted” recommendation to downzone this property into obscurity.

—Richard Phillips and Family, Deale
—Kevin Brady and Family, West River

Editor’s note: For the latest developments, read Dock of the Bay.

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