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Vol. 8, No. 24
June 15-21, 2000
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We All Wade into the Bay
by Junior Reporters Eric Smith, Mary Brewer, Sarah Brewer and Emelia Brumbaugh

There are walk-ins every year on the Bay. Crowds of people gather in different places on the water for these events. They all hold hands and walk into the water until they can no longer see their feet. The less polluted the water is, the farther they go. This is a fun way to measure the cleanliness of the Bay.

Retired State Senator Bernie Fowler started this event on Broomes Island 13 years ago, in 1988. “Back when I was nine or 10, I used to be able to walk out into the water up to my chest and still see my feet,” explained Sen. Fowler, who is 76. “But in the 1970s, it got more polluted and cloudier, and I could only see them up to about my waist.”

His wade-in got very popular. A couple years ago, people in other areas along the Bay decided to follow in Sen. Fowler’s footsteps, wading in annually to see how clarity increased and decreased from year to year.

Since then, the events have gained a lot of attention. There were nine wade-ins this year, with between 125 and 180 people in some places. It has motivated many people to do their part to keep the Bay clean and usable for everyone.

This year, Del. Virginia Clagett and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller were among the people to come to the small walk-in at Fairhaven in Southern Anne Arundel County.

“It was fun,” said Sen. Miller. “I came out, had a good time and got my pants wet!”

This year, walkers were able to make it to a point about halfway between their knees and waist. “I got the bottom of my shorts wet, which is about the same as last year,” said Del. Clagett.

Bernie Fowler recorded going 39 and a half inches this year. Last year his Broomes Island walkers made it 41 and a half.

So we’ve still got a ways to go to clean up the Bay.

What can kids do to help?

“We can all recycle, and keep from doing other things that may harm the ecosystem: using unsafe pesticides or fertilizers, and dumping chemicals into the water,” said Del. Clagett.

Kids can contribute, so remember to pick up your trash.

Dynamite Dads

Dive into Father’s Day with a big splash. Plan something fun for your Dad. What do you and your dad like to do? Here are five starters:

5. Swimming: The Bay is refreshing this time of year – with hardly a jellyfish!
4. Eating: Have a cookout, make a special dessert.
3. Walk and Talk: You don’t need a dog to take a walk. Enjoy each other’s company.
2. Pick a Favorite: What are his favorite things? Ask dad what he would like to do today.
1. Show him how much he means to you:
A big hug goes a long way!

Dad’s Pregnant!???

Did you know that in the world of sea horses it’s the father that gives birth to the babies? Seahorse daddies give birth to hundreds of sea horses at a time. The mom puts eggs into a pouch on the dad’s belly where they are fertilized. Here they stay safe and sound until they are born.

Sea horses live all over the world, including three species here along the East Coast. Most live in the ocean in shallow water among sea grass, but you’ll sometimes find one in the Bay.

Maybe sea horses should celebrate Father’s Day with our super-devoted human dads. That would sure give a new twist to Father’s Day!

See these unusual creatures for yourself at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons:

Kids' Calendar

Campout, Moms & Sons
June 16-17 (6pm-12 noon)-Fish, swim, hike, enjoy campfire fun and get lots to eat while camping with your mom. Bring tent and sleeping bag. Ages 8-15. $25.00. Kings Landing Park, Dunkirk: rsvp: 410/535-2661.

Music with Charlie
Fri.June 16 (10am)-Celebrate Fathers Day and enjoy stories and songs with Charley Montroll. Make a special gift for Dad too. Don’t forget to bring a photo, 31&Mac218;2" x 31&Mac218;2". Preschoolers. Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Surprise Dad!
Mon. June 19 (7pm)- Lots of girls love wild horses. Learn about such a girl and wild horses both as the Summer Reading Club - Trail Blazers reads The Girl Who Loves Wild Horses by Paul Goble. Ages 4-5. Zany Brainy, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/266-1447.

Summer Fun 2000
Amazing feats of comedy, Puppet creatures, Magical Music, a Science Potpourri. Enjoy all this and more a Calvert Counties Public Libraries. All ages. Free at your local library.

Scavenger Hunt
Sat. June 24 (9am-12noon)-Sharpen your
detective skills during Historic Annapolis Foundations “Streetscape Scavenger Hunt.” Armed with a map and list of clues, find your way through historic streets searching for architectural clues. Age 6+. $5. William Paca House, Annapolis:

Patuxent Nature Series
Fur and Feathers, Creepy Crawlers, Earth Keepers, Aquatic Adventures and more. Kids, ages 5-10, have outdoor summer fun. All programs are free and offered throughout the summer. Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel. rsvp:

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