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Vol. 8, No. 25
June 22-28, 2000
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Whitey, Take a Bow

Dear Bay Weekly:

Whitey Schmidt, lately of Rose Haven and now of Crisfield, is a very modest fellow, and his talents extend beyond the culinary. He is probably the only person who ever defeated Congressman Steny Hoyer in an election. It happened at Suitland High School, and I heard it from Congressman Hoyer rather than from Whitey. Whitey told me some years ago that Congressman Hoyer always beat him in school elections.

Congressman Hoyer later told ’em that he never forgets an election he lost, and he lost one to Whitey Schmidt. Congressman Hoyer also said that Whitey was an outstanding basketball player in high school, although he is only five feet eight inches tall.

Whitey, take a bow.

—Tom Gill, Rose Haven

The Extra Mile for Animal Friends

Dear Bay Weekly:

On behalf of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Anne Arundel County, I express our sincere appreciation for your newspaper’s outstanding coverage of our Walk 2000 and of animal issues in general — “Heartbreak Hotel to Happy Home” [May 25-31] — here in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties. The job we do as volunteers could not be done without our wonderful local media helping us get the word out and supporting our many programs. Your newspaper goes the extra mile for us all the time, and we are so grateful.

Also, we were absolutely overwhelmed at the extraordinary efforts of your editorial assistant, Christy Grimes, in her successful attempt to find the owner of Kirby, the lost dog that she wrote about in the same issue. Animal lovers as dedicated as Christy are truly very special people to all of us. Finally, if Christy ever wants a ‘Kirby’ dog clone of her own, I’m sure we can help her at SPCA, and I’d be honored to handle it myself.

Thank you so much for all that your newspaper does for the animals.

—E. Joseph Lamp, Vice President, SPCA of Anne Arundel County

Dept. of Corrections

In last week’s issue, Vol. VIII, No. 24, the final line of M.L. Faunce’s Dock of the Bay story, “For 31 Years, Sandy Speer Had Our Number,” was omitted. The story ends “We know who we are thanks to Sandy Speer.” (Webmaster's note: The line was included in the online version.)

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