Vol. 8, No. 26
June 29-July 5, 2000
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101 Ways to Live It Up This Summer

The insert fattening Bay Weekly this week is something special, so don’t wrap any fish in it unless you must. It’s our authoritative “101 Ways to Have Fun on the Bay,” and if you possess good sense, which you do if you’re reading this, you’ll keep it on the coffee table (or in your car or boat) as the Indisputably Best Guide in the World for Summer Pleasures along Chesapeake Bay.

We’ve been getting phone calls asking us where the heck it is, and we thank you for your loyalty. All we can say is that, according to our calendar, summer has just begun. And it took a while to assemble this year’s expanded version, for which we consulted experts along the way.

For instance, the incomparable Bill Burton advises how to take a fishing charter. And J. Alex Knoll, Bay Weekly’s general manager, tells you what to do if overcome by a summer hankering for barbecue. (Vegetarian he is not.)

One-hundred-one is, in many ways, a summer-long calendar. If you’re a fireworks fanatic, we tell you which skies to watch July 4 and beyond. If military bands delight you or summer theater under the stars is your thing, do not discard.

Bay Weekly is your guide for fishing, crabbing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, kite-flying, bike-riding and enough sweaty summer action to make you pine for the arrival of autumn.

Some of our recommendations are definitive, some whimsical and others quite imaginative (Look for Luminescence.) All are literate, we hope. (If they’re not literate enough for you, then you can Track a Maryland Writer, among the 101.)

Our 101 Ways premiered in the summer of 1993, a few months after we did. (If you still have one, we hear it’s worth some money.) Since then, it has become a priceless guide for our readers and a summer boon to our loyal advertisers.

So get busy and have a whole lot of fun on the Bay. Let’s see, if there are 91.25 days in summer and 101 things to do, you’ll need to … Oh, never mind.

Copyright 2000
Bay Weekly