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Vol. 8, No. 26
June 29-July 5, 2000
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Puzzled by Pipes, Flummoxed by Floodplains

Dear Bay Weekly:

Never thought I’d see so much excitement over a 48-inch pipe! It was all caused by the news release from Anne Arundel County’s Land Use and Environment office dated June 6. My curiosity piqued, I did a bit of research and found that the release, based on a letter from the officials to the Safeway people, quoted the 48-Inch Pipe Rule as follows: “where it is determined that a pipe greater than 48-inch diameter capacity is required, the 100 year floodplain shall be provided.”

Since this sounds a bit odd — why would anyone “provide” a 100-year floodplain to anyone under any circumstances? — I decided to check the source. Sure enough, on page 2,270 of my copy of Article 26 (Subdivisions), it states exactly that. It goes further in the next sentence: “When pipe of 48 inches or less is required, pipe shall be provided … by the developer.” I can understand why we’d want the developer to supply his own pipe (of any size), but providing a floodplain still has me scratching my head. Oh well, perhaps the Office of Law understands it. I don’t and I are an engineer.

—Bill Papian, P.E., Shady Side

Wade-In Thanks

Dear Bay Weekly:

As a resident of Fair Haven and member of the Owings Cliffs’ Citizens Association, I would like to thank Sen. Mike Miller and Del. Virginia Clagett for taking time out of their busy schedule and time away from their families on such a sweltering hot day to attend the Third Wade-In in Herring Bay June 11. Senator Miller led this year’s wade-in, filling in for Del. George Owings — who attended even though he was suffering from a bout of the flu bug. Senator Miller led us to a depth of 30 inches, which surpassed last year’s reading by a few inches.

The Wade-In, an event that promotes environmental issues of our local tributary and waterways, was started years ago by Bernie Fowler, who continues the tradition in the Patuxent River. Wade-ins are now promoted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Tributary Team.

These events are not attended by a great number of people and, unfortunately, less each year. I believe that by attending and listening to environmental concerns of their constituents, our elected officials show their dedication to and support for the environment and especially our Chesapeake and Herring bays.

P.S. Anyone wanting to purchase a hand-painted “Wade-In 2000” T-shirt for $20 (of which a portion goes to environmental issues) can reach me at [email protected].

—Barbi Shields, Fair Haven

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