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Vol. 8, No. 28
July 13-19, 2000
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Bookworms Big and Small

Meet Chesapeake Country Author Mick Blackistone of Fairhaven
an interview with Junior Reporter Ariel Brumbaugh

Q: How many books have you written?
A: I’ve written seven in all, three are for children.

Q: What is your favorite topic to write about?
A: I like writing about the Chesapeake Bay and about watermen.

Q: As a child what was your favorite book?
A:Black Beauty.

Q: Many authors create their characters around people they know. Is this true in your case?
A: One of my characters is molded by a little girl I met when I was reading my book to a school group, but other than that, not really. I come up with my own personalities.

Q: Do you have any other jobs?
A: Yes. I work in the boating industry full time in Washington.

Q: Are you writing any books now?
A: Yes. An adult’s book on watermen. I have finished writing another one for kids,
but it’s not been published yet.

Summer Reading ... for Summer Fun!

    These are a few of Mick Blackistone’s books that you should check out:

  • Broken Wings Will Fly
  • The Day They Left the Bay (children’s)
  • The Buffalo and the River
  • Just Passing Through (poems)
  • Sunup to Sundown, Watermen of the Chesapeake

Ha! Ha! Joke

Why couldn't the sailors play cards? (answer at bottom of page)

Kid Writers

Emily Miller of Shady Side won a third place award in Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ 1999 Young Author’s Contest. Emily is a 5th grader at Shady Side Elementary and is writing about the joys of dancing.


When I start to hear the rhythm, hear the beat, hear the sound,
I cannot help myself, I start to dance around!

My feet start to tap and my arms start to wave,
My head starts to nod, and my hips start to sway.

The world is a painted, scattered picture all around,
If I get any dizzier, I’m sure I’ll fall down.

Soon my elbows start to swing, as wild as can be,
When I start to hear the music, this will happen to me.

A Sweet -n- Sour Puzzler


Rearrange the letters to find what other fruit is hidden here!

Kids' Calendar

Language for Little Ones
Mons and Weds (10am)-Bonjour! Bonjour! Stories, music, crafts and games all in French or Spanish. Start now when there is no easier way for kids to learn a foreign language. Ages 2-5. Chesapeake Children’s Museum, Annapolis: rsvp: 410/222-1608

Goin’ On a Worm Walk.
Sun. July 16 (1pm)-Take a worm walk, get dirty and seek out wiggly worms and other wiggly creatures that live beneath our feet. Ages 6-12. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. rsvp: 410/222-6115

Kayaking Kids
July 17 & 24 (10am-1pm)-See how you can have a different kind of fun on the water as you learn the basics of kayaking. Kids must be comfortable around water. Equipment provided. Ages 6-7. Brooms Island Marina, Broomes Island. $32: 410/535-5327.

Hands on History
July 17-21 (9-11:30am; noon-2:30pm)-See what the Bay area was like more than 100 years ago. Sailors of the past, wildlife, stories, costumes and games are only part of the fun as you discover the New World. Ages 6-10. Captain Salem Avery House Museum, Shady Side. $30: 410/867-0970.

Future Babysitters Wanted
Sat. July 22 (8am-5pm)-A babysitter’s training course is being offered by the American Red Cross. Babysitter manual and safety and first aid kit are provided. County Services Plaza, Prince Frederick. $36: rsvp: 410/535-5230.

Because the captain was standing on the deck.

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