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Vol. 8, No. 3
January 20-26, 2000
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Lighthouse Lingo Word Match

Read the story below and fill in the blanks using this list of lighthouse lingo!

Lighthouses were located all along the shores of __________ Bay. They were tended by __________ __________. But nowadays, most lighthouses are _________ed.

Lighthouse keepers were called ________ies because they tended the wick of the lamp. Light was magnified by the F__________ prisms of the lens. The size of the lens was called its ____d______.

Before electricity and kerosene, keepers filled the lamp with ____. Their job was to keep the light shining to warn boats of dangerous shorelines.

Some keepers’ duties included cleaning the __________ and keeping a __________ of activities on the water. When weather was too bad for sailors to see the light, a __________ __________ was sounded as the warning signal.

There are three types of Chesapeake Bay lighthouses: c__________, s__________ and t__________. Cove Point is the __________ style. You can tell by the shape and the location of the light.

lighthouse keepers
fog bell

Lighthouse Match Answer

1. Chesapeake 2. lighthous keepers 3. automated 4.wickies 5 Fresnel 6. order 7. oil 8. lens 9. log 10. fog bell 11. screwpile 12. tower 13. cottage 14. tower

Kids' Calendar

Fun and Laughs
Fri. Jan. 21. (10am)-Enjoy one of the funniest childrens books ever, Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig, and make your own ‘pizza.’ Barnes and Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Name that Tree
Fri. Jan. 21-(10:30-noon)-Impress your friends by identifying various native trees. Dress warmly for outdoors. Ages 6-12. Tawes Building, Annapolis: 410/260-8189.

Fri. Jan. 21 (6-7:30pm) - Bingo night just for kids. Lots of prizes, join the fun. Ages 6-11. Free. Mt. Hope Community Center, Lusby: 410/257-6770.

Natures Winter Sleepers
Sat. Jan. 22 (10am & noon) - Have fun exploring hibernation. Play musical chairs, make a craft, hike and enjoy a snack. Ages 4-6. Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons. $10, rsvp: 410/326-2042.

Sat. Jan. 22. (10-2pm)-Guest readers celebrate literacy with great kids books. Listeners welcome. Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library, Hillsmere. 410/266-0677.

Where Am I?
Sun. Jan. 23 (1pm)-Have you ever found yourself lost in the park? Orienteering helps you find your way. Learn all about it using compasses and maps. Ages 7-11. Kinder Farm Park. rsvp: 410/222-6115.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
Jan. 25-(10:30am) Winter is a great time to watch animals. Bundle up and explore the park, then warm up inside with some treats and a story. Ages 3-5. Kings Landing Park, Huntington. rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Discover Annapolis
Tues. Jan. 25. (10am)-At storytime, a sweet dog and his family visit our state capitol in Doodle Discovers Annapolis. Barnes and Noble, Harbour Center: 410/573-1115.

Animal Beds
Thurs. Jan. 27 (11am)- Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Explore where animals sleep in winter on a hike. Ages 3-5. Downs Park, Pasadena. rsvp: 410/222-6230.

Watch and Munch
Fri. Jan. 28 (8-11pm)-Join friends for a movie and munch on flavored popcorn. Ages 12-16. Northeast Comm. Ctr, Chesapeake Beach. $2. rsvp by Jan. 21: 410/257-2554.

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