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Vol. 8, No. 3
January 20-26, 2000
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Dear Readers:

With our name change, we’ve also added new e-mail addresses. Our old e-mail address, [email protected] is phasing out. Reach us now at these addresses:

Editor Sandra Martin: [email protected]
Calendar editor Mark Burns: [email protected]
On-line edition: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Classified advertising:[email protected]

Port Tobacco Demands a Recount

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was pleasantly surprised to see my letter in print, but taken aback (or aforward) to be located in Accokeek. Port Tobacco, as the smallest incorporated town in this sovereign state, can’t afford to lose a soul, in or out of town limits.

—Eli Flam, Port Tobacco

Editor’s Note: Whoops. Our apologies.

Does Riker Thomas Ring a Bell?

Dear Bay Weekly:

I have an unusual question. There is a boat on my creek which appears to be made by Riker Thomas. I say this because the boat has “RikerThomas 32” stenciled on the side of it. Do you have any idea who makes this boat and if they still make them and how I can get in touch with them?

Thanks you.

—Andy Connelly,
[email protected]

Editor’s note:
Like Mr. Connelly, we’re curious. We expect many of you know the answer to his question. Let us know, too, at Bay Weekly, P.O. Box 358, Deale, Md. 20751• Phone 410/867-0304 • Fax 410/867-0307 • E-mail [email protected].

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