Vol. 8, No. 31
Aug. 3-9, 2000
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We’ve Moved

Don't come looking for Bay Weekly at 5861 Deale-Churchton Road. After seven and a half years, we've popped out of the little brick outcropping at Tri-State Marine.

The second commonest statement we heard in all those years (second only to 'My! That dog has big feet,' exclaimed in reference to our office dog Max, the yellow Lab) was 'How do you put out a paper in such small quarters?'

Clearly, amazing things happen in close confines. We've outgrown our spaces four or five times during the 90 months we grew, yet each time we found another way to reconfigure ourselves. Both phenomena are magic, which synchronistically is the subject of "Not Just for Kids" this week.

Please come looking for us at 536 Deale Road. We're the west point of the triangle whose other two points are Happy Harbor to the south and the Rockhold Creek Bridge to the north - the middle of three Bay cottages. Federal Express has already found us, so we know you will, too.

Besides giving us elbow room, our move suits us in a couple more ways. As the paper committed to the Chesapeake, we've always longed to be by the water. Finally we've got a water view, and with plenty of windows, most of us look out on Rockhold Creek.

Second, remaining in Southern Anne Arundel County keeps us smack in the center of the Bay region we serve, which stretches from Severna Park in the north through Annapolis; out Crownsville and Riva through Davidsonville to Crofton and Bowie; back through Upper Marlboro to the Beaches, Dunkirk, Prince Frederick and all the way to Solomons.

As we searched for our ideal home, we've been frustrated by near misses in Galesville, Shady Side and Edgewater. We've been tempted by Annapolis and the Beaches, with their lively town virtues and – comely structures for and this is reason three – we've been committed to a smart move. That's meant a spot already developed rather than a nice piece of Chesapeake Country's open space. It means a spot with commercial zoning but that's as close to our ideal of "mixed use" as current county zoning allows.

We found all that at 536 Deale Road. But wait: there's more.

Fourth, we've sought a space that's indigenous to the region. We've always believed that buildings should suit their landscape and their culture. On this point, too, we've finally scored. Other than a tobacco barn, there's no more suitable space in Bay country than a Bay cottage. On the landscape side, we're set in a green yard planted with lots of American garden favorites that thrive in Chesapeake Country's steamy garden: crape myrtle, holly, hydrangea, lilac and rhododendron. (When you come visit, bring a flowering perennial from your garden to help us with a friendship garden.)

Fifth, we've settled in a spot where we can be part of our sustainable ideal of Chesapeake Country. It's another stroke of synchronisity that we've made our move just as our neighbors completed the Small Area Plan for our communities: South County, Deale, Shady Side and Galesville. We've supported this effort all along and, recognizing that consensus means compromise, we support their recommendations. Now we're stepping into a future of small, smart sustainable communities within the green sweep of Chesapeake Country.

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