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Vol. 8, No. 34
Aug. 24-30, 2000
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Dear Bay Weekly:

Just wanted to commend Connie Darago for a well-written, interesting and accurate article on the Cove Point Lighthouse ["Still Lighting the Way," Vol. VIII, No. 29: July 20-26, 2000]. The Calvert Marine Museum will hopefully have the deed in the next month or so. We'll let you know when we have the transfer ceremony.

-Doug Alves; Director Calvert Marine Museum

Dear Bay Weekly:

Enjoyed Amy Mulligan's "The Name of the Game" [Vol. VIII, No. 33: Aug. 17-23] and would like to try an adapted version on Potomac Review's editorial board for our winter issue (due out by early December). Attentively,

-Eli Flam; Editor: Potomac Review

Alaska Trip Makes Sense of Chespeake Regulations

Dear Bay Weekly:

On a business trip to Alaska, I saw a couple of things that will interest Bay Weekly readers. The first was no fun: lots of trees dead because of spruce beetle kill on the Kenai Peninsula. But I did go halibut fishing and caught my limit of two.

Fishing in Alaska made me appreciate the fishing laws and regulations in Chesapeake Bay and along the the East Coast. For sport fishing for halibut, there are no size limits and they can fish all year long. I couldn't believe it. (I was told that commercial fishermen have a size limit.) Some folks in Alaska still see fish as an abundant resource that doesn't need to be controlled.

-Karen Fedor, Global ReLeaf Coordinator, American Forests

Department of Corrections

Some of the photos in "Chesapeake Album: The Annapolis Rotary Crab Feast" [Vol. VIII No. 32: August 10-16] were taken by but not attributed to guest photographer Ramona Plociennik.

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