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Vol. 8, No. 38
Sept. 21-27, 2000
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Stop, Please

Dear Bay Weekly:

School has started. School buses are picking up children to deliver them to school. Cars are not stopping for the buses when the buses load and unload. Laws are being ignored. More importantly, our children are being placed in jeopardy.

This letter has been prompted by the fact that my 11-year-old granddaughter has to cross the road at her bus stop in the morning. Her bus stop is between two curves. The speed limit is 45mph. The first day of school, the bus driver told her to stay put until he had checked that the traffic had stopped. Then he would motion for her to cross and enter the bus.

I felt better about her safety with this plan. However, one morning last week, after waiting for the signal from the bus driver and then starting to cross the road, she was very nearly hit when a driver pulled out of the traffic and passed the bus.

There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. What could possibly be so important that this person would take a chance of running down a child trying to get on a school bus? Hopefully, this driver arrived at his or her destination without killing someone. Even more upsetting, it's not just one person pulling ridiculous stunts like this.

Now that the schools have opened and the buses are on the roadways, adjust your schedules accordingly. Plan for such delays and leave home earlier. Give yourselves more time. Be patient and, for heaven's sake, be cautious, be aware, drive safely and protect our children. There was a time when others did the same for you.

- A concerned grandparent,
Pat Taylor, Annapolis

When Are We Going Fishing?

Dear Bay Weekly:

When's the Bill Burton-Bay Weekly fishing trip this year? I don't always see your paper, but I don't want to miss the trip.

-Bud Jenkins, Pasadena

Editor's note: There's still plenty of time. This year's trip is on for Sun. Oct. 8, with boats pulling out of Harrisons' Chesapeake Inn at the relaxed hour of 8am this year.

The Power of Old Dogs

Dear Bay Weekly:

As a dog lover myself, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Kim Cammarata's reflection "I Learned New Tricks from My Old Dog" [Vol. VIII No. 37: September 14-20]. It was beautifully written and said what many of us have felt but not put into words. Thank you.

-Barbara Malloy, Gambrills

Department of Corrections

Homemade Wine is the name of the continuing Annapolis Songwriters' series produced by Matt McConville. In our issue of August 31, "The Scene: Women's Music Is 'Homemade Wine' at Café Orleans" misdescribed the series as devoted to women musicians.

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