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Vol. 8, No. 4
January 27 - February 2, 2000
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Susan Graham White’s Sounding Land
by Mary Catherine Ball

On a 25-acre farm in Southern Maryland, folk singer Susan Graham White ponders her relationship with nature.

In Sounding Land, her latest recording, White reflects on this connection and shares it with her audience.

“This album is a collection of songs that are tied together, to the land, love of nature and the feeling of being rooted at home,” White says.

The soothing ballad “If I Had My Way” echos her feelings.

But if I had my way I’d be headed home tomorrow. I never should have strayed. I’d do anything to hide myself away and ride my horses.

Not a surprising lyric from a woman who is a licensed dressage teacher. Training and showing horses is only one of her many loves.

But in song, White combines her loves of animals and nature into nourishing lyrics.

Fiddles echo in the background of “Brigid’s Shield,” the first selection on Sounding Land. A Brigid’s Shield is a symbol for the Celtic protector of horses, poets and dreamers.

“Hooves Are Sounding” beats out a strong percussive sound as White laments the tale of a rider.

They are bold and clever. One spirit beating wild. It’s the drum of horse and rider. Hooves are sounding. Hearts are pounding.

“These things I was feeling were personal,” says White. “The surprising thing is that I find that other people who listen to my songs have a universal longing for that connection, getting back to the real.”

White invites you to get back to the real.

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