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Vol. 8, No. 40
Oct. 5-11, 2000
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The Power of One

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for printing Patricia Kirby's article on Virginia Vogt and her Millennial Dream [Vol. VIII No. 37: Sept. 14-20]. It is very inspiring to me to be introduced to young people who are passionate about what they believe in, especially when they are actively involved in positive change. Virginia Vogt and her family are further proof that the "power of one" is never just the power of one.

I have a friend who is a student at the University of Maryland whose personal story for much of his young life has been full of confusion, anger and apathy. He has changed all of that now. Recently he addressed the Natural Law Party convention, upon invitation, explaining why he has become involved. "I stand for something," he said, with complete truth. He is only one more example in my list of many.

We must listen to the voices of youth. They have a lot to teach us. I have just begun to appreciate the passions I have for positive change within my own life, and all of the examples I see around me just inspire me further. By printing stories such as Virginia Vogt's, you are adding to our collective momentum of positive change, and that is something I want to support.

-Margaret Martin, Bowie

Lawyers Without Pay Want You

Dear Bay Weekly:

In the past 12 months, 47 Anne Arundel and Calvert County lawyers provided free or reduced-fee legal services to residents of those counties through Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. Please help us reach more people in need of our services.

We are a nonprofit organization providing free and low-cost legal assistance to low-income people throughout Maryland. Since the service's creation in 1981, 2,500 private attorneys have taken more than 14,000 pro bono cases, donating legal services valued at more than $14 million.

We handle cases involving income tax disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, consumer rights, denial of public benefits, wills, deed changes and name changes. Readers wanting to apply for representation in these cases should call 410/547-6537 or 800/610-0050 Mondays through Fridays from 9am to noon.

-Winifred C Borden, Executive Director


Find Jackie Gallagher of Room Smart Re-Designs, the "Lone Room Re-Arranger" of last week's lead story [Vol. VIII No. 39], at 410/721-6635 · www.roomsmartredesigns.com.

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