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Vol. 8, No. 43
Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2000
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Raffle Pays Mortgage, $10k Prize

Dear Bay Weekly:

The Shady Side Rural Heritage Society is grateful for the tremendous community support it received. Thanks to friends like you, this year's raffle was once again a success. We sold over 1,700 tickets at $10 each, taking in enough to pay our annual mortgage of over $6,000 on the Captain Salem Avery House and Museum and fund our $10,000 raffle prize.

Margaret Lee Sheckells of Shady Side was this year's winner of the Society's $10,000 raffle. Mrs. Sheckells purchased her ticket several months ago from Lucretia Brown at the stand Mrs. Brown set up outside Smith's Lumber Company. Mrs. Brown was using the cash box that Mrs. Sheckells' mother, the late Nellie Nowell, had used for years as the top raffle salesperson for the Society. Mr. Don Sheckells, a waterman, provided the oysters for the West River Heritage Day-Oyster Festival, where the drawing was held.

Bay Weekly serves the community in so many ways, through publicizing events such as those of the Society, by support of environmental issues that will preserve our precious Bay and by being a strong voice to protect the future of this area. Bay Weekly adds to all that by financially backing our all-volunteer museum, and I want you to know how greatly we appreciate it.

-Mavis Daly: Publicity Chairwoman, Shady Side Rural Heritage Society

Resist the Pave-All Mentality

Dear Bay Weekly:

Perhaps you remember me. I lived aboard my boat at Shipwright Harbor in Deale for a few years, and wrote an occasional piece for New Bay Times. [Editor's note: We changed our name from New Bay Times to Bay Weekly at the beginning of this year.]

I've just learned (third-hand) that a shopping center is planned for Deale. I hope you do all in your power to resist this. If you want to see the end result of this pave-all mentality, I invite you to visit South Florida where I now live. Fight the good fight!

-Ned Killeen, Stuart, Florida

On the Lookout at Point Lookout

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed the feature story on Point Lookout ["The Legends of Point Lookout," Vol. VIII No. 42: Oct. 19-25] a lot. When we camped there, we heard the ranger give a talk about the resident spirits - then saw silent fireworks over the woods that night. Who knows?

-Hanne Denney, Churchton

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