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Vol. 8, No. 44
Nov.2-8, 2000
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It's All a Matter of Where You Stand

Dear Bay Weekly:

Can you explain why your Sky Watch map has northern at the top, southern at the bottom and eastern on the left side? If north is up and south is down, then west, not east, is to the left. East is to the right. If you don't believe me, look at any compass on earth.

-unsigned, [email protected]

Dear Reader:

As you correctly note, any compass on earth will tell you north, south, east and west. And these directions are fine while looking at terra firma.

But unless you have the opportunity to gaze at the stars from a vantage point light years from earth, you will have to turn your head skyward, thus flipping east from your right hand to your left and flipping west from left to right.

To better understand, tilt your head backward and gaze toward the sky. Hold Bay Weekly's sky chart overhead, and turn so that you are facing north. You will see that east and west truly belong transposed - as they are in each and every sky chart - when you're looking up at the heavens as opposed to looking down to earth.

Each Personal Challenge Is a Personal Best

Dear Bay Weekly:

I did so enjoy your article "Personal Best" by Kathy Flaherty [Vol. VIII No. 41: Oct. 12-18]. It was beautifully written and I totally related to it. Just a year ago, I got my first pair of running shoes. They were a gift from my fiancé and personal trainer Archie Holden, who friends of Bay Weekly will remember as a classified sales rep and Dealites will recognize as the guy they've seen running the roads for a decade.

After walking for so many years, I thought running wouldn't be hard. Now I understand the strength and endurance it takes to be a runner. More than a physical challenge, it challenges mind, body and soul - every time you do it. It's a personal challenge, and even when you're not breaking records, even when you're finishing a race last, you're way ahead of people who've never tried. The joy is in the journey. That's what Kathy's article reinforced for me.

So when you see this woman running around Deale and she's got this big smile on her face, you know it's me.

-Margo Smyrnioudis, Deale

Seeking Bellringers

Dear Bay Weekly:

The Salvation Army of Annapolis and Southern Anne Arundel County is seeking bellringers for its 2000 Christmas Kettle Campaign. Bellringers are needed Monday through Saturday, from Friday, November 17 to Saturday, December 23, in shifts between 10am and 8pm.

Kettles will be located throughout Anne Arundel County, including downtown Annapolis, Parole, Bay Ridge, Forest Drive, Edgewater, Severna Park, Crofton and Laurel. Individuals, families, neighborhood and community groups, civic organizations, churches, businesses, scout troops and students fulfilling community service requirements are encouraged to participate.

Call 410/263-4091 for more information to participate.

- Capt. Paul Egan, The Salvation Army

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