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Vol. 8, No. 47
Nov. 22-29, 2000
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Food, Family and Football

Rise and shine! Got to get that turkey in the oven early enough to get a good seat for the Thanksgiving Day parades.

No time to waste! As the last balloon floats by, back to the kitchen. Prepare two kinds of potatoes, three kinds of vegetables, salads, sauces, stuffing and delicious gravy - not to mention the endless variety of pies, cakes and cookies.

It's mid-afternoon! Hungry relatives wait patiently for a signal. Aunts, uncles, grandmas and pas squeeze in with brothers, sisters and cousins. It's time to eat!

Full stomachs lead the way to a comfortable spot in front of the TV for a football frenzy as another Thanksgiving day comes to an end.
Thanksgiving 1621:

Fall, Feast and Friendship

In December of 1620, pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. The winter was devastating and by the fall of 1621 more than half of the settlers had died. With the help of local Indians, who helped them to hunt and grow food, the remaining settlers lived to see an abundant

harvest. They celebrated with a feast and invited 91 indians.

What? No Turkey and Pumpkin Pie?

The pilgrims had an amazing spread of food, but probably no turkey and definitely no pumpkin pie. They had no dairy products so they couldn't make cakes and pies. Instead they feasted on lobster, fish, berries, watercress, boiled pumpkin, fried cornbread, clams, venison, dried fruit, plums and wild duck - not turkey.

For entertainment they played games and told stories. The first Thanksgiving was a chance to give thanks for new friendships and good fortune.

Who Says You Have to Eat Turkey?

Do you have an unusual Thanksgiving tradition?

I have a friend who spends Thanksgiving day in an unusual way. Each year she and her sister go to the horse races.

Forget the turkey dinner. They eat hot dogs!

Long trip to Grandma’s house?
We all know what that can be like.
Here’s a fun game for the car ride. You’ll be there before you know it.

One person starts by saying “For Thanksgiving Dinner I ate…” and fills in the blank with something they ate that starts with the letter A. The next person repeats: “For Thanksgiving dinner I ate...” repeats the last person’s idea and adds one of their own that begins with the letter B.

The game goes on until a player can’t remember the order.

Be as creative and silly as you can!



  • candy corn
  • caramel candy squares
  • square of sweet chocolate
  • striped chocolate cookies
  • microwave plate


Place a chocolate piece on the plate for the turkey’s feet.

Place a caramel (long end up) on the chocolate for the body.

Push candy corn into top of caramel (pointed end out) for beak.

Push another piece of caramel down on top of the first for the head.

Break off two white tips from candy corns and push into second caramel for eyes.

Apply striped chocolate cookies facing forward on the back of the caramel for the feathers.

Put turkey in microwave for about five seconds just to melt the caramel.

Place in freezer to help the turkey set.

* If you don’t have a microwave, try setting the turkey in an oven set on the lowest temperature. Watch it carefully so it doesn’t melt!

Why do Turkeys go Gobble Gobble?

Because they never learned good table manners.

Kids' Calendar

Breakfast with Santa
Dec 2, 9, 16, 23 (8am-10pm) Join Santa and your friends for breakfast. Get a chance to talk to him and share all of your holiday wishes! Enjoy stories, songs and lots of fun. Photo opportunities are available. Farm Firehouse, Bowie. $13.50 per child. rsvp: 410-923-7600.

Santa’s Mailbox
Dec. 1-15 (9am-9pm)-Boys and Girls, Santa is picking up your letters at Northeast Community Center this year. He may even write you back. So get your wish list ready. Don’t forget to put your name and address on your letter. All letters must be dropped off by Dec. 15.
rsvp: 410/257-2554.

Amazing Feathers
Dec. 9 &13 (10-10:30am)-
How do feathers work? Explore the wonders of feathers. Hear a story, make a bird decoration and watch birds have a yummy meal. Ages 2-3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic. $3 w/discounts. rsvp:410/535-5327.

Seeking Seeds
Fri. Dec. 8 (10:30am-1pm)- Explore fall in the garden. Look for seeds then make a seasonal craft and settle down for a nature story. Ages 3-5 with adult. Tawes Garden, Annapolis. rsvp: 410/260-8189.

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