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Vol. 8, No. 49
Dec. 7-13, 2000
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From Rose Haven to the Sunshine State

Dear Bay Weekly:

Jennifer A. Dawicki writes very admiringly of the tropical foliage in Rose Haven in "Where Do the Palms of Summer Go?" [Vol. VIII. No. 46: Nov. 16-20]. She said the foliage is imported directly from the Sunshine State. Rose Haven has something just as grand to export to the Sunshine State: trouble-free elections. The Rose Haven Civic Association has had numerous elections in the 15 years I have lived here, and we have never had the fiasco they now have in Florida. No recounts. No pregnant ballots. No chads. And no swarms of lawyers. We have standards. We invite the election officials in Florida to visit us to see how it is done.

-Tom Gill, Rose Haven

Lauding Bill the Lesser

Dear Bay Weekly:

With all the preoccupation of Thanksgiving and chad wars, recent Bay Weeklies stacked up at my home for later reading. When I pulled the Nov. 16-22 issue out of my briefcase while flying high over the snowy Rockies, I found Bill Lambrecht filling in for Bill Burton. I've always enjoyed Bill L's (the Lesser?) columns on his fishing flummoxes, probably because there is so much of us in them. Reading of his election eve trip out into the Bay for rockfish, I got to laughing so hard the flight attendant came to check on me. My seat mate begged to know what was so amusing.

When I showed him the column, he threw his head back in solidarity and commented: "If the contested presidential ballots had been as definitively dimpled as all the self-inflected fishing wounds from hooks that had pierced his body (including his lip once) there would be no contest to argue."

Seat by seat, word spread. The column passed, followed by a ripple of laughter and knowing nods, till the plane landed on the arid desert floor, where the Chesapeake Bay was but a memory and rockfish as elusive as a presidential hopeful's dream.

As for me, I can't wait for Bill Lambrecht to go fishing again.

-D.C. Bourne, Churchton

Glorious Messiah

Dear Bay Weekly:

St. James' Church's Messiah Sing-Along broke another record Nov. 26, thanks to a lot of help from Bay Weekly.

More than 125 singers gathered at St. James' Church in Lothian to sing the Christmas portion of Handel's great oratorio.

The 14th annual community sing in memory of Chuck Dent, who started the tradition in Calvert County, was directed by Michael S. Ryan and accompanied by a string quartet and John Mula on harpsichord. The candlelight reception hosted by the Women of St. James' featured homemade chili and hot breads plus desserts and snacks brought by the singers.

Those of us who can't really begin the seasons of Advent and Christmas without singing the Messiah can only say "It was glorious!"

-Val Hymes, Edgewater

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