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Vol. 8, No. 5
February 3-9, 2000
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Look Locally for Lots of Good Videos

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am disappointed with your article “It’s Time to Snuggle up with a Good Video” [Jan. 27-Feb. 2]. You took the time to write a nice article about video stores and their stock. However, you neglected to mention local stores. Needless to say, this saddens us here at Deale Video. If you’d talked to this “small independents that carry little inventory in the way of new releases,” you’d have found we have over 6,000 titles in the store.

We’ve also launched an Internet site, myvideostore.com/dealevideo, enabling us to sell over 25,000 movie titles on VHS and DVD. With our new on-line shipping capabilities, consumers will be able to buy movie titles over a secure line and have them shipped directly to their homes.

—Mark Hackett, Deale

Duck Hunting Makes Sense

Dear Bay Weekly:

In regard to S. Miller’s letter to the editor [Jan. 6-12]: The guns used for hunting in Maryland (shotguns) cannot possibly hit a target at 300 yards, and the pellets from them will fall harmlessly at 150 yards. Hence the law makes sense.

“Waterfowl populations” are diligently monitored by both federal, state, and international agencies, and only those individual species that have a harvestable surplus population are hunted. Make sense?
Waterfowl cannot (according to both state and federal law) be hunted anywhere near an unnatural food source. This is considered “baiting” and the regulations against it are vigorously enforced. Make sense?

“The act of killing” is NOT the “sport.” The sport IS in the experience: the sights, the sounds, the sunrises, the sunsets, the duping of a very wary creature, watching an eager dog working at what he dearly loves to do. It is the companionship, the conversations, the memories and wondering what the couch potatoes are up to. Make sense?

Maybe not to you.

I sincerely hope that the rich tradition of waterfowl hunting lives on in the Chesapeake Bay … forever.

—Darrell W. Noyes, Chesapeake Beach

When Snow Falls, Maryland’s a Southern State

Dear Bay Weekly:

After living in Rhode Island 10 years, South Carolina 13 and Maryland 25 years, I have to say that snow preparedness here isn’t much better than in the southeast portion of our country.

I was very fortunate that Griffith Oil honored my service contract when my furnace went down. The serviceman on the call told me the roads here in Cape St. Claire were the worst he’d seen in two days of emergency calls. Two plows went by my house on Jan. 26. The mess they left, along with the amount of snow, is a disgrace.

In my two stays in this county, 1961 to 1980 and 1993 to present, snow removal has never improved. In fact it gets worse. I have heard every flimsy tired, worn-out excuse.

Fully 48 hours and two plow swipes after the storm, St. Margaret’s Road is barely passable. Hopefully other residents of the Cape will see this letter and protest also. Several of my neighbors on Broadview called this evening but were ignored. After nearly $2,000 in property taxes, and over $5,000 in state income taxes, you have to wonder when you’ll get something back.

—Bill Kammerzell, Annapolis

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