Letter writers in 2000

Vol. 8, No. 52
Dec. 28, 2000-Jan. 3, 2001
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B: J. Baldwin, Glen Burnie • Jerry Ballman, Glen Burnie • Tim R. Bintrim, North Beach • Winifred C. Borden, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service • Kevin Brady and Family, West River • Shirley Brewer, Pasadena • D.C. Bourne, Churchton • Pat Browning, Colonial Players, Annapolis • John M. Brusnighan, Director: Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works •

C: Andrew E. Canter Jr., Upper Marlboro • Jim and Judy Carney, Deale Water Taxi • Officer Don Clime, Anne Arundel County Police Department Southern District P.A.C.T • Andy Connelly, [email protected] • Rob Cook, Prince Frederick • Kim Cosner, Silver Spring • Hazel Cross, Arnold •

D: Mavis Daly, Shady Side Rural Heritage Society • Captain John Deering, Shady Side Charters • Hanne Denne, Churchton • Janet Brill Dodson, Huntingtown • Ann Dorsey, Annapolis •

E: Capt. Paul Egan, The Salvation Army of Annapolis and Southern Anne Arundel County • Beryl Eismeier, Anne Arundel County Recycling Projects Manager •

F: Karen Fedor, Global ReLeaf Coordinator, American Forests • Eli Flam, Port Tobacco; Editor: Potomac Review • Captain Al Freedman, Pasadena • Irv M. Furman, Annapolis •

G: Robert P. Gallagher, Acting Center Director: Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research Center.• David Gauntt, Saint Leonard • Tom Gill, Rose Haven • Justina L. Gooden, [email protected] • Denise Guy, Churchton •

H: Mark Hackett: Alliance for Rural Business, Deale • E. R. Harmon. Arlington • Billie Hinnefeld, North Beach • Pete Hively, Pres. Calvert County Library Foundation • James A. Hoage, Severna Park • Brian Hoey, [email protected] • Ann Hurley, Annapolis • Val Hymes, Edgewater

I: Brooke Thomas Iley, Arnold •

J: Bud Jenkins, Pasadena • Ed Johnson, Owings •

K: Bill Kammerzell, Annapolis • Kenny Keen, President: Calvert County Watermen's Assoc. • Kenai and Sitka, Churchton • Dave Keyser, St. Leonard; Coast Guard Auxiliary • Ned Killeen, Stuart, Florida • Joyce Kirchner, West River • Wm. Michael Kitzmiller, Tracey's Landing • Drew Koslow, South River Federation • Ted Kluga, Annapolis •

L: E. Joseph Lamp, Arnold • Jo Ann Lamp, Arnold: SPCA • Bill Lang, Chesapeake Beach • Ginny Lee, Springfield, Illinois • Jenny Leipold, [email protected] • Gordon Loftin, Annapolis • Reese F. Lukei Jr., National Coordinator: American Discovery Trail, Virginia Beach •

M: Kim McCaig, Fairhaven • Heather McDonald, St. Leonard • Margaret Martin, Bowie • Barbara Malloy, Gambrills • Chris May, Deale • Connie Miller, Ebensburg, Penn. • S. Miller, Churchton • Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., President, Maryland Senate • Meg Mitchell, Annapolis • Capt. Wade H. Murphy Jr., Tilghman Island • Dick Myers, Southern Maryland Kennel Club •

N: Hugh Newton, Alexandria • Darrell W Noyes, Chesapeake Beach •

O: Luuk Oleson, Galesville • Katherine E. Ostrowski, Churchton •

P: Bill Papian, Shady Side • Christine B. Parish, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels • Doug Parran, Calvert County Commissioner • Eric Peltosalo, Annapolis • Richard Phillips and Family, Deale • Denise Pritchett, Bowie • Les Prosser, Edgewater •

R: Donnie Radcliffe, Lusby • Paul Rensted, Fairhaven • R. J. Rockefeller, Director of Reference Services, Maryland Archives • Joe Rooney, Tracey's Landing • Eileen Rowland-Aist, [email protected] • Maria Russell, North Palm Beach, Florida •

S: Susan Savage, Co-President: Shady Side Rural Heritage Society • Tim Sayles, Editor: Chesapeake Bay Magazine • William Donald Schaefer, Comptroller of Maryland • Audrey Y. Scharmen, Lusby • Mark I. Schlossberg, Baltimore • Betty-Carol Sellen, Deale • Jack Sherwood, Severna Park • Barbi Shields, Fair Haven • Donald G. Shomette, Dunkirk • Margo Smyrnioudis, Deale •

T: Pat Taylor, Annapolis • Belinda Tuton, Annapolis • Joan Turek, Harwood; Common Cause • Lloyd Tydings, Edgewater •

W: Andrew G. Walther DVM, Lexington Park • Marion S. Wear, Arnold • Gregg A. Wilhelm, Baltimore; Woodholme House Publishers and MidAtlantic Publishers Association • Ann Wolfe, Alliance for Rural Business, Deale •

Y: Eddie Tecumseh Yo, Davidsonville •

Z: Melinda Zimmerman, North Beach •

Copyright 2000
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