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Vol. 9, No. 10
March 8-14, 2001
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March.. Lamb or Lion?

Celebrity Cats Charm “Charm City”

March can either purr like a kitten or roar like a lion. This weekend kittens win out.

Felines leap into action as the Friskies & CFA Crab & Mallet Cat Club Show takes center stage at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore.

These TV celebrities will amaze the lucky audience with thrilling behaviors like walking a high wire, playing basketball and jumping through hoops. Trainers will share secrets for training even the most finicky felines.

Imagine you work for an emperor. Special tailors are making new clothes for him to wear, but as the tailors work they seem to be sewing into thin air.

The emperor loves his new clothes but you don’t see a thing except the emperor. What do you tell him?

Children's Theater of Annapolis Presents The Emperor’s New Clothes
March 17, 23, 24 @ 7:30pm; March 18, 24, 25 @ 2pm. Pascal Center AACC, Arnold Tickets:$8;

Word of the Week
Feline-belonging to cats or related animals such as lions and tigers

Believe it or Not ... You Can Teach a Cat New Tricks!

Cats love treats, but what they like best is your loving attention. Teaching your cat these easy tricks is fun and a great way to give your kitty the attention she wants.

SHAKE - Sit down facing your cat. Touch her paw and say "shake." When she lifts it, shake paws with Her. Give her a nutritious treat and lots of praise.

WAVE - Hold a treat in front of your cat's nose and move it back and forth saying "wave." When your cat waves, give him the treat and lots of petting.

Always do these tricks the same way each time and give lots of praise. Your cat will love it.

Cat Joke 1

What kind of cereal do cats eat for breakfast?

Cat Joke 2

How do you spell the word mousetrap with only three letters?

Kids' Calendar

Peek-A-Boo, I See You. Sat. March 10 (10-10:30am)–Guess which animal is looking at you out of mystery eyes. Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and you might be surprised to learn who they belong to. Ages 2-3. $3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic, 410/535-5327.

Purrrrrrfect Cats Sat. March 10 &11 (10am-4pm)–Famous cats will jump through hoops, walk a high wire and play their favorite sports as they thrill the audience at the Friskies & CFA Crab & Mallet Cat Club Show. Learn how to train your cat and see hundreds of beautiful cats all hoping to win a prize. Janet D'Agostino: 410/628-7877.

Go Fish Sun. March 11(1-3pm)–Have fun catching and identifying the fish that live in the Patuxent River. Learn how the fish live and what special behaviors they have. Make a fishy crafts too. Ages 6+ with adult. Jug Bay Wetlands, Lothian. $; rsvp: 410/741-9330.

Teddy Bear Tea nTues. March 13 (10:30am)– Teddy Bears love tea. Bring along your favorite to share stories and have fun learning the proper way to have a tea party. Tea and cookies for everyone. Ages 3-5. Borders Books, Bowie: 410/451-5196.

Leprechauns and Shamrocks Fri. March 16 (10:30am)–Wear green for a St. Patrick's Day party. Play lots of games and enjoy green treats. Fun for all. Ages 3-5. $3. Northeast Community Center, Chesapeake Beach. Pre-register by March 9: (410)257-2554.

Survivor in Winter "Part II" Sun. March 18 (1)–If you survived the first session, get ready to take on the second. Learn how to make a fire with what things found in the woods. Next tackle primitive cooking and rope making. Ages 8+. Kinderfarm Park, Millersville. rsvp: 410/222-6115.

1. Mice Krispies
2. C A T

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