Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 11
March 15-21, 2001
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Smith Building Supply: Rare Service

Dear Bay Weekly:

I'm sorry to read that Smith Building Supply is closing ["In Shady Side, Venerable Smith Building Supply Sells," Vol. IX, No. 10: March 8-14].

I have a little anecdote about Jack Smith. Twenty-one years ago, I bought a beach cottage down at Chalk Point, and with Smith's one mile away, bought a lot there. I had to put a roof on my house, and I didn't know how much to get of any of the materials I needed.

I said, "Jack, I think this is what I need."

He said, "Let me figure it up for you." And he figured materials, shingles and nails. "I think this is what you need," he said.

Of course, back then I didn't have two sticks to rub together, and I couldn't afford to buy anything I didn't need.

So Jack Smith said, "Listen, Frank. Take this stuff home, the paper, the shingles and nails. Bring back what you don't use and you can pay for it then."

This guy is one of a kind. Tell me one other person that would do that.

Another of the loveliest service people you could meet is Arthur Foote, who always has a smile on his face and would come around the counter and put your item right in your hand.

That kind of service doesn't happen anywhere else. You won't find that kind of service anymore.

-Frank Stowell, Chalk Point

Caught in the Web

Dear Bay Weekly:

I'm not sure how I happened onto your website, but I wanted to tell you how much I like it. Lots of information, nice layout.

-"Granny Sue,"

Editor's note: See for yourself at www.bayweekly.com, where Bay Weekly's stories, photos and classified ads appear online each Friday. Turn to our Archives (at the bottom of the homepage) for full text back through 1998.

Our webmaster, Brianne Warner, has worked with the paper in many capacities over four years. She joined us as a summer intern at 17 as a top-honors graduate of Calvert's Northern High School. This May, Brianne completes her honors journalism degree at University of Maryland.

Thanks in Passing

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for the beautiful write-up you did on the passing of my husband, Don Howard ["Farewell," Vol. IX, No. 10: March 8-14].

As you know, his printing business is for sale. Please have anybody interested call 410/867-1213. That's also the number to call to retrieve artwork or printing jobs.

-Shirley Howard, Shady Side

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