Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 12
March 22-28, 2001
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Dear Bay Weekly:

On my way home I stopped at the Double T Diner and picked up the new issue of Bay Weekly [Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21]. Great story on writers [Hanne Denney's "Writing the Bay"]; I loved it. Also Carol Glover's review of Pasadena Theatre Company's Camelot: I plan to see it. Laughed out loud, again, at Bill Burton's column ["The Snow that Didn't Fall"] on weather forecasters: a cat could do it better! Way to go.

-Shirley Brewer, Pasadena

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Dear Bay Weekly:

I've had the pleasure of many an issue of Bay Weekly. I am a transplanted Annapolitan as of November 2000 to Churchton, and fully appreciate the newfound closeness to the Bay, which provides solace, retreat and wonder for my son Taylor and myself.

In your editorial "In the Safeway Saga, Mike Miller Writes a Chapter," [Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21], you make statements regarding Safeway's rise in profits from $32 billion, with a rise of 12% to $1.09 billion. In your next issue could you please state some corrected figures? Can I presume that you mean a 12% rise to $35.84 billion?

I have no wish to pave the Bay; however with its parking lot, Safeway will bring benefits to Southern Anne Arundel County. How many new jobs will result? How much fuel will the community save versus driving to Edgewater? Does anyone really want to drive to Edgewater?

Safeway is coming. For those who resist change, it may look like a Trojan Horse. Rather than being filled with soldiers, it may be filled with a little gold for everyone. Let's get commitments to scale it down. Let's negotiate with Safeway to commit to community involvement for the interests of local youth and environmental issues. Get commitments from them for wholesale purchase of local produce and local employment.

Now, shifting gears, if the community is really interested in environmental issues why is it that our roads are lined with litter? D.C. is cleaner than Deale! Between the Swamp Circle Saloon, Smith Building Supply and Good Deale Bluegrass, the drainage ditch is filled with trash. Franklin Manor Road is worse. Many residents of the area have yards filled with debris. We have a dump nearby: Clean it up!

Take pride, South County. Fix the things that are within your power and God will take care of the rest.


-Perry Houston Henderson, Churchton

Editor's note: Safeway Inc., the Pleasanton, Calif. based supermarket giant with over 1,680 stores in North America, enjoyed an 11 percent rise in sales last year to $32 billion and a 12 percent increase in net income to $1.09 billion.

Dear Bay Weekly:

I have always believed the function of an editor in her editorials and a critic in her reviews have a very specific role - and that is to teach. This is what you did so beautifully in your editorial last week ["In the Safeway Saga, Mike Miller Writes a Chapter," Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21]. Thank you.

-Carolyn Stearns, Deale

Dear Bay Weekly:

It is a fine editorial on Miller v. Owens & Safeway ["In the Safeway Saga, Mike Miller Writes a Chapter," Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21]: balanced and constructive, as our neighbor Bruce Bauer said.

-Christopher May, Deale

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