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Vol. 9, No. 22
May 31-June 6, 2001
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The How-to Cowboy’s Secret Magic
How-to Fun Tricks

Here he is again. The master of tricks and trouble: the How-to Cowboy, Edward Allan Faine. This week he’ll show you how to whistle through your tongue.

How to Whistle Through Your Tongue!

1 Make your mouth juicy, think of a lemon.

2Lick your lips.

3Stick your little finger (the pinky) in the center of your mouth up to the first knuckle.

4Remove pinky, but hold your round mouth-hole thus created.

5Curl your tongue into a u-shape inside your mouth.

6Poke your tongue through the round mouth-hole.

7 Blow gently. Listen for sound.

8Relax. Repeat steps 1 through 7.

9Blow gently, blow hard, listen for low notes, high notes.

10Change shape of tongue hole. Blow. Narrow for high notes, wide for low notes.

11Stick tongue flute all the way out. Blow. Listen. Pull tongue flute in. Listen again.

12To trill, shake head.

13To mute, cup hands over mouth. To play a chord, hum.

14You are ready for your first song. Try “Jingle Bells,” “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Practice. Think Carnegie Hall.

15Now you can whistle through your tongue.

Impress your friends.Become an important person.

Are you ready to take on the How-to Cowboy’s Ranch Challenge? Send your unique how-to fun trick with step-by-step instructions to: IM Press • Box 5346 • Takoma Park, MD 20913. If accepted, you’ll get a $10 check, a Little Ned Stories book and you’ll see your trick published here on Not Just for Kids! You can also visit his website at

Meet the
How-to Cowboy
June 22-24 at
Annapolis Art, Wine & Jazz Festival!

Kids Calendar

Go Fish!
Sat. June 2-Join 49 other kids ages 6-15 in catching a fish or two in the 6th Annual Governor’s Youth fishing Derby. Bait, goodie bags and lunch served. Bring your own adult, rod and reel and lunch blanket. 8-10:30am @ Thomas Hance Farm, Prince Frederick. rsvp; Small fee: 410/586-1101.

Young Actors Learn to Improvise
Sat. June 2-Children and young adults interested in learning more about acting (and themselves) will find Colonial Players’ workshop in improvisation a highly supportive and encouraging environment. Improvisation — creating and communicating a message on the spur of the moment — is an integral part of every aspiring actor’s theater skills. 2pm in Colonial Players’ theater @ 108 East Street. Free w/rsvp: 410/267-6580.

Children’s Day on the Farm
Sun. June 3-Find the fun in Southern Maryland’s rural heritage. Get to know and touch farm animals. See lots of tractors and farm equipment. Pull heavy loads on pedal-powered tractors. Of course, you always eat well down on the farm. Extra touches of fun come from a magician, storyteller and musicians. 11-5 @ Jefferson Patterson Park, St. Leonard: 410/586-8501.

Dinosaur Days
June 4, 5 & 6 (10:30am)-Kiddies make and decorate a favorite dino creature, refining fine and gross motor skills along the way. Mon.; ages 3-5. Tues. at the same time fours and under read dino tales and make dino tails. Wed. toddlers 15 to 22 months measure up against dino sizes in playtime. All @ Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/266-1447.

Be a Kindermusik-ian
Tues. June 5-Kindermusik turns toddlers onto music. This morning Kindermusik-ian Gail Trafelet leads 3-5 year olds in songs and activities: 10:30 @ Borders Books, Bowie: 301/352-5560.

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