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Vol. 9, No. 24
June 14-20, 2001
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Father’s Day Presents Made Easy
by Amanda Lofton

Stumped for ideas on what to give Dad for Father’s Day? As I was thinking about how to show my dad how great I think he is, I noticed a painting I had made for him years ago of a man and a girl fishing on a boat. My dad still has this on his office wall, some 13 years later. I realized then that the presents that mean the most are often the ones that we spend a lot of time and energy on, instead of money. So I decided to please Dad once again with a homemade gift using my newfound photography skills. Here is my step-by-step suggestion for how to put a smile on your Dad’s face this Sunday.

1 Take a picture (use a point-and-shoot camera; ask Mom for help) of your dad with one of his favorite things, like a book or pet, or doing something he really enjoys, like fishing or golfing. I took a picture of my dad with our new golden retriever puppy, whom he loves to spoil.

2 Get it developed. Have Mom take you to a one-hour photo store. Consider enlarging the photograph.

3 Make a frame. You can use popscicle sticks, cardboard or anything thing sturdy that you can find around the house. Get help with cutting and gluing.

4 Decorate! Use paints, markers, glitter and anything that relates to your dad and his favorite pastimes. Don’t forget to sign and date it somewhere.

Now you have a homemade picture and frame that Dad can proudly display. Chances are, like my dad, he’ll keep it around for many years to come.

Kids Calendar

Have Fun with Fossils and Dirt
June 18-21 (10am-3pm)–Learn about geology and how dirt came to be. Find a living fossil and wiggly worms. For children entering grades 2 & 3. Flag Ponds Nature Park, Lusby. ($) rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Create Your Own Puppets
June 19-21 (10am-12pm)–Experience the art of storytelling through puppetry! Learn how to create and make puppets out of everyday objects that you have in your home. Ages 6-12. Northeast Community Ctr. $50. rsvp: 410/257-2554.

Go Batty at Kinder Farm Park
Fri. June 22 (8:30pm)–Join ranger Brian in searching the night sky for the amazing world of bats. Kinder Farm Park of Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks. rsvp: 410/222-6115.

Sons Camp Out with Mom
June 22-23 (6pm)–Boys, Invite your mom to a campout for just the two of you. Activities include swimming, fishing, night hike and campfire fun. For sons aged 8-15. Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown. ($) rsvp: 410/535-5327.

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