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Vol. 9, No.30
July 26 - August 1, 2001
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That’s Not Just Manure; That’s Money

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am trying to contact the writer of the article “That’s Not Just Chicken #*!@” in your Vol. IX, No. 22 [May 31-June 6], which I found through a Google.com search.

As state and federal regulations increasingly focus on livestock farmers and the wastes they produce, agriculture is forced to devise new ways of dealing with the waste stream. A first step in doing this is to look at manure as a resource, not a waste. When you think of manure as a resource, you start thinking of creative ways that both deal with manure as a potential pollutant and also make manure another revenue source for the producer.

ManureMarket.com features an on-line listing of buyers and sellers of manure and composts. The list is free of charge. ManureMarket.com also provides news and information on issues related to manure, such as government regulation and new handling processes.

On our system, producers can list the type and quantity of manure they have available, and on what terms they are offering it. Buyers can then contact them privately by e-mail, or create their own listings of manure needs.

Landscapers, for example, need a lot of compost and mulch, and bringing them together with a dairy farmer can give them a reliable source of nutrients at a lower cost than chemical fertilizers. At the same time, it gives the farmer a responsible way of disposing of wastes with the benefit of added revenue possibilities.

- Ben Johnson, Editor in Chief: ManureMarket.com

Thanks to Anonymous Good Samaritan

Dear Bay Weekly:

A week ago I went with my friend to downtown Annapolis in my 13-foot boat to get lunch. While we were walking around, I noticed my wallet was missing, and I had a lot of money in it that I had earned mowing lawns. We looked for an hour, and I lost hope of ever finding it. I didn’t think I would get my money or my wallet back.

Five days later, I got an anonymous envelope mailed from Patuxent River, Maryland. Inside I found my wallet with all my money in it.

I want to thank this person for returning my wallet and restoring my belief that there are still lots of good people out there.


- Danny Coffman, Annapolis

101 Ways to Have Fun; One Way to Landfill

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for “101 Ways to Have Fun”.

Under #21, you mention the Millersville Landfill as a place to obtain free composting bins. Cam anyone tell me how to locate the landfill? I was in the vicinity last weekend, but even the locals didn’t seem to know the exact location.

- Bill Wilson, Shady Side

Editor’s note: Here’s how. Follow I 97 to Rt. 32 west to first exit, Sappinton Station Rd. Exit to right and take Crossing Road to Landfill office. It’s open 8-4 daily: 410/222-6100 x 0. On your ADC Map, it’s 13-D2.

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