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Vol. 9, No. 41
October 11-17, 2001
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Fright-Fest Quiz Answer Key

1.Legend has it that on
Halloween _____.
b The dead come alive again

2.Halloween was once called ____.
c All Hallows Eve

3. This creature can be killed with a silver bullet. _____
c Werewolf

4 A _____ can be repelled by garlic.
b Vampire

5. Which Greek legend had snakes for hair?
b Medusa

6. What bird was the main star in a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe?
a Raven

7.It is believed that a ghost will have no _____.
d Reflection

8. A witch stirs her brew in a _____.
c Cauldron

9. A bat uses _____ to know in which direction to fly.
b Sonar

10. You must drive a stake through a Vampire’s _____ to vanquish him.
a Heart

11. This nasty dog trapped a mother and her son in a car in a Stephen King flick _____.
c Cujo

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