Letters to the Editor
 Vol. 9, No. 50
December 13 - 19, 2001 
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Protectionism or Prejudice?

Dear Bay Weekly:
While timely and informative, your November 29 editorial [“Measuring Risk on Chesapeake Bay”: Vol. IX, No. 48] was also quite disturbing.

I have been under the impression that the majority of the Cove Point LNG was to come from Trinidad, not the nations listed in your editorial and by Senator Mikulski in her now-famous statement. Trinidad offers rich nearby natural gas fields, a somewhat more stable socio-political situation, and it is much closer to the Bay. This source is not nearly as alarming as the laundry list of Islamic nations, nor does it sound as dramatic on the Senate floor.

I agree that a close eye must be kept on the developing LNG terminal situation but even in light of September 11, I strongly disagree with your third-to-last paragraph. (“Do we want massive tankers from Qatar, Algeria, Oman, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates plying our waters with risky cargoes? The answer is a resounding no.”)

International vessels of commerce “plying our waters” is a basic foundation of our economy, and free trade is a basis of our nation. Integrating smaller and developing economies into the world’s markets should be a goal of all developed and free societies.

While American travelers have been warned about visiting the potential import nations, all of the nations listed in your editorial are active trading partners with the United States. Indonesia, for example, imported $24 billion in U.S. goods in 1999.

In addition to LNG production capabilities and an existing trade relationship with the United States, these nations have something else in common: Islam is their primary religion (some are, indeed, Islamic states). Perhaps this is why you resoundingly advocate keeping them off of our waters. Would LNG tankers from sunny little Trinidad be less threatening? Are all LNG tankers unacceptable? Then why call out nations by name?

— Dave Gendell, Annapolis

Seeking Class of ’52 Annapolis High Grads

Dear Bay Weekly:
The class of 1952 Annapolis High School is planning a gala event for a 50-year reunion. The reunion will begin on Friday, August 16, 2002, with a wine and cheese affair at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, our old Alma Mater. Saturday morning August 17 will start with a walking tour of historic Annapolis, free, or a bus tour for $11. Saturday night will begin at 6pm at the Elks Club on Route 2 with a dinner dance, with all-’50s’ music, ending at 11pm. There will be a cash bar. A Sunday brunch is also in the making, location and time to be announced.

The wine and cheese affair, dinner dance and a memory book are just $50.

We are looking for a few classmates. If anyone knows of a class of ’52 graduate of Annapolis High School, please contact 301/423-6139 or 410/956-2502.

— Helen Gardener Poole, Temple Hills

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