Letters to the Editor
 Vol. 9, No. 52
December 27, 2001- January 2, 2001
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  • James W. Anderson, Churchton
  • Phyllis Avedon, Annapolis


  • Charles Ballew, Kansas City, MO
  • Patricia Bare, Annapolis
  • Ralph Beatty, Friendship
  • William Beisch, [email protected]
  • Rob Bierregaard, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, www.birdsofprey.org
  • Patty Bianca, Baltimore
  • D.C. Bourne, Churchton
  • Shirley J. Brewer, Pasadena
  • Mary Byrd Brown, Annapolis
  • Sue Burton, Dunkirk


  • Barbara Cantor, Edgewater
  • Jim Cassidy, Pasadena
  • Peter Chapman, Galesville
  • Danny Coffman, Annapolis
  • Dorcas Coleman, Kent County
  • Peggy A. Cooney, Shady Side
  • Susan L. Curtis, Dunkirk


  • Allen Delaney, Prince Frederick
  • Mavis Daly, Shady Side
  • Sue Davis, Glen Burnie
  • Joe Della Barba, Annapolis, [email protected]
  • Betsy Detwiler, Plum Point and Falls Church
  • Howard Dew, Dunkirk
  • Brigid Diane Doyle, Huntingtown


  • The Emerys, North Beach
  • James Estep, Owings
  • Kathleen Evans, Lusby


  • M.L. Faunce, Churchton
  • Barbara Fetterhoff, League of Women Voters
  • Valerie Frances: Organic Certification Program Manager,
    Maryland Department of Agriculture
  • Larry Fry, Pylesville


  • Dave Gendell, Annapolis
  • Charles A. Gill, Deale
  • Tom Gill, North Beach
  • Cynthia Gorski, Annapolis
  • Francis R. Gouin, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Horticulture, Deale
  • Barbara Goyette: Director of Public Relations & Publications, St. John’s College
  • “Granny Sue” [email protected]
  • Lillian Griffith, District Manager: Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District


  • Elizabeth Hable, [email protected]
  • Aloysia C. Hamalainen, Silver Spring
  • Jan Hardesty, Annapolis
  • William ‘Bill’ Hayes, Annapolis
  • Billie J. Hinnefeld, North Beach
  • Connie Hirschman, Alliance for Rural Business
  • Leona Hirtle, Annapolis
  • J.A. Hoage, Severna Park
  • Pat Hofmann, Director, Calvert County Libraries
  • Perry Houston Henderson, Churchton
  • Shirley Howard, Shady Side


  • Dennis Jay, Alexandria, Va.
  • Tim Jeffries, [email protected]
  • Ben Johnson, Editor in Chief: ManureMarket.com
  • Kathy Johnson, Annapolis
  • Floyd Johnson, Sunderland
  • Leslie Johnson, Fairfax, Va.
  • Amy Jones, Rose Haven
  • D.E. Jones, Crofton


  • Rhonda Kaplan, Annapolis
  • Velvet and Ted Kitzmiller, Noah’s Ark Wildlife, Annapolis
  • Jackie Kluga, Annapolis
  • Crista Kennedy, Cumberland
  • Kevin Kohler, Arnold


  • Ingrid K. Lamb, Chesapeake Beach
  • Sgt. David C. Larsen, Maryland Natural Resources Police
  • Bill Leggett, Kenansville, North Carolina
  • Kathleen Litkowski, Annapolis
  • Yevette Lobban, [email protected]
  • Sally Lounsbury, Dunkirk, for the Humane Society of Calvert County
  • Janice Lynch, Director of Communications: Americans for Better Care of the Dying, Washington, D.C.


  • M. McCormick, Solomons
  • Richard MacWilliams, Owings
  • Jill Malcolm, Huntingtown: Southern Maryland Coordinator, Project Linus
  • Leo Mallard, Chesapeake Beach
  • Sandra Martin, Churchton
  • Chris May, Deale
  • Christy Miller, Waldorf
  • Georgeanne R. Mirack, Churchton
  • Meg Mitchell, Annapolis
  • Karyn Molines, North Beach
  • Martha Montgomery, aboard Wyldwud at Herrington Harbour South
  • John M. Morgan III, Towson State University
  • Jo Moorer, Huntingtown; President: Calvert Animal Welfare League
  • Hildreth Morton, Davidsonville
  • Kent Mountford, Lusby


  • Eva Nelson, Arbutus, Ginny Nelson and Joyce Tenney, Volunteer Event Organizers
  • Donna Nicholson, Deale


  • M. O’Connor, Pasadena
  • Connie O’Dell, Chesapeake Beach
  • Lisa Osborne, [email protected]


  • Bill Papian, Shady Side
  • Robert C. Perry, LCDR, USCG (Retired); Woodbridge, Va.
  • Farley Peters, Fairhaven
  • James Plummer, Washington, D.C.
  • Helen Gardener Poole, Temple Hills
  • Dan Powers, Annapolis
  • Denise Pritchett, Bowie



  • Barbi Shields, Fairhaven
  • Bob Siegel, Annapolis
  • Paul Sikorski, Lusby
  • Eric Smith, Fairhaven
  • Carolyn Stearns, Deale
  • Frank Stowell, Chalk Point
  • Fran Stump, Lusby


  • William Thomas, Chesapeake Beach
  • Lydia M. Troy, North Beach
  • Karen Tuttle, Huntingtown


  • L.B. Walker, Shady Side
  • Bill Wilson, Shady Side
  • Wesley Wilson, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Ann Wolfe, Alliance for Rural Business
  • Caroline Wugofski, Annapolis


  • Eddie T. Yo, Davidsonville

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