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Vol. 9, No. 6
Feb. 8-14, 2001
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Who do ya love?? Who do ya love??

Grocery Bag Valentine:
Super easy and fun to make for someone special


  • Brown paper bag
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Marker

Cut out a heart from the bag.

Make a fancy border.

Punch an even number of holes around the edge.

Thread yarn through holes, and tie a pretty bow.

Write a special message.

V– Valentines

A– Affection


E– Embrace

N– Nice

T– Thoughtful

– Incredible

N– Nestles

E– Enjoy

Emelia’s Poem

I am the daughter of the moon sparkling in the night blue sky.
I am a joyful butterfly swerving in the wind.
I am a splashing stream trickling through the mountains.
I am a smooth, smooth rock, cold as ice.
I am a tasty bluebuerry hanging on a bush.
I am a steaming fresh-baked brownie, warm and hot.
I am a Black Panther running swiftly in the sun.
I am the sky watching over people going back and forth.
I am the dream of a flying bird soaring in the sunset.
I am myself, thinking of thoughts!

— Emelia Brumbaugh, age 9

Farewell to a Sharing Heart …
Bobbi Smith: 1940-2001

With Bobbi Smith the Talent Machine, Inc. gave an endless number of kids the opportunity to express their creative talents. As a teacher, her energy was boundless.

Kids gained confidence, and through lots of hard work achieved their goals.
Bobbi’s enthusiasm for life brought joy to all who knew her and — through her fabulous musicals — to those who didn’t.

we’ll miss your energy
we’ll miss your smile
we’ll miss you …

Mom, Dad, Big Sis, Little Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Fido, Kitty.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to do something nice for the people you care about.

It doesn’t have to be a mushy kiss either. Try a bike ride with Mom or a letter to an old friend, a picture for Grandma or a special dessert for brother and Dad.

See what fun surprises you can come up with.

Kids Calendar

Sweet Treat
Feb. 10 & 11(2pm)-Make a zany, yummy Valentine for your special friends; one they will never forget. Ages 6+. Zany Brainy, Annapolis Harbour Center. 410/266-1447.

A Winter Garden
Wed. Feb.14 (10:30am or 1pm)-Enjoy a walk through a winter garden. Learn why winter is so magical. Make a craft. Ages 3-5. Tawes Garden, Annapolis. rsvp: 410/260-8189.

Musical Animals
Sat. Feb.17(noon)-The Bremen Town Musicians are coming. Enjoy lunch and a play as these musical animals put on a great show. All ages. Chesapeake Music Hall, Annapolis. $; rsvp: 800/406-0306.

What a Stinker
Thurs. Feb. 15 (10am & 2pm)-Who prowls the night digging for treats like a shadow passing through the forest? Make a craft and take a walk to find clues about the shy skunk. Ages 3-5. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic. rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Beastly Opera
Sat. Feb 17 (10:30am)-A fairy tale comes to life for kids of all ages as the Annapolis Opera performs Beauty and the Beast. Come enjoy this exciting musical show. Maryland Hall, Annapolis. $; rsvp: 410/267-8135.

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