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Vol. 9, No. 7
Feb. 15-21, 2001
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Burton: Beyond Frieda

Dear Bay Weekly:

Re your Feb. 1-7 issue [Vol. IX No. 5]:

Bill Burton ["Nothing Mattered But a Game,"] is my new hero!!!!

P.S. I also enjoy your paper and your website. Keep up the good work.

-Patty Bianca, Baltimore

Your Voice in Bay Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am new to the area and love your Bay Weekly. I find it refreshing, informative and full of life. It is what I might call, an 'invitational' paper: warm, welcoming and familiar enough at heart to make me feel at right at home after my December move from Toronto, Ontario.

Should I be so inclined, how may I write to you with my comments, reflections and responses to articles?

Kindest regards,

-Brigid Diane Doyle, Huntingtown

Editor's reply: I'm glad you're pleased; it's our weekly delight to prove that people love to read good stories. In answer to your question, there are several ways to add your voice to Bay Weekly.

1. Letters to the Editor is the space for your thoughts and comments on what you've read in Bay Weekly.

2. Reflections, which run 500 to 700 words, are our stories about life on the Bay and usually first person. A favorite: 1995's Thanksgiving reflection, written in 1945 by a middle-aged widow on how as a young bride she fell in love with fishing. (The story was sent to us by a relative who'd been sorting through the writer's papers after her death.)

Commentary alternates with Reflection at the bottom of this page. It uses writers specifically knowledgeable to report news or define a principle. A favorite: "The Seven Sustainable Wonders of the World" - the first of which is the clothesline.

We're eager to hear from you by mail: Bay Weekly, P.O. Box 358, Deale, Md. 20751; e-mail: [email protected]; fax 410/867-0307.

Health Care for All

Dear Bay Weekly:

Marylanders are being asked to give their views on how best to structure a health system to serve all residents. A statewide coalition is working to develop a plan that is both economically and politically viable.

Everyone is invited to a town meeting on health care Tues. Feb. 20 at the Calvert Pines Senior Center in Prince Frederick. It is an opportunity for Southern Maryland residents to express their views about the current health care system.

The town meeting is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Calvert County and the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative, which is a grassroots coalition of over 1,000 organizations throughout the state.

The meeting will begin at 7pm and end at 9pm. After brief statements and welcome by Dr. David Rogers, Calvert County health officer, the floor will be open for testimony from citizens as time allows. The moderator will be Vincent DeMarco, executive director of the Health Initiative; Dr. Peter Beilenson, Baltimore County Health Commissioner, is president. He has stated that "all Marylanders have the right to quality, comprehensive and affordable health care." Their website is www.healthcareforall.com.

For more information, contact the League at 410/586-2176 and leave a message.

-Barbara Fetterhoff, League of Women Voters

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