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 Vol. 10, No. 14

April 4 - 10, 2002

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Of Squirrels, Mice and Ladyhawk

Dear Bay Weekly:
John and Jill Caposella’s letter [Vol. X, No. 13, March 29-April 3] expresses joy that they successfully defeated a rodent “with an almost negative I.Q.”

Most zoologists rank squirrels as the most intelligent rodents, even smarter than rats. My experience with squirrels makes me both angry and admiring. I find them frustratingly clever.

In the same issue, I was very pleased to read about Ladyhawk in Rose Haven [Dock of the Bay: “Tale of a Red Tail”]. And I was very excited to see her in a tree in my back yard. I shouted for my wife to come and see. I knew it was a hawk, but I didn’t know what kind.

I hope she hangs around, for we have a lot of mice in Rose Haven, and red-tails like mice. Several years ago, my wife was mortified when a mouse scampered across the floor in front of her bridge group, two tables and eight ladies. Go get ’em, Ladyhawk!

— Tom Gill, Rose Haven

With Redistricting, Calvert Voters Disenfranchised

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am writing to clarify the effect on every Calvert County resident of the legislative redistricting of 7,000 residents in Owings into District 27A, a primarily Prince Georges County legislative district. Redistricting became law on February 23.

Because Calvert County has a commissioner style of government, our local laws are passed in Annapolis by the legislature. Now that we will have to rely on Prince Georges’ representatives to change our local laws, every voice in Calvert County has been diluted.

The commissioners may pass resolutions and ordinances. But local laws such as instituting or changing or deleting a tax must be passed by the legislature. Permission for gambling could be passed by the legislature.

There is an inherent conflict of interest in having urban county representatives also charged with representing the interests of a semi-rural area like Calvert County.

Additionally, Calvert County does not have the realistic possibility of electing our own legislators for District 27A because Owings represents such a minor part of that district.

How is this different from having George Owings represent northern Calvert and southern Anne Arundel counties? Those two areas are very similar in most respects. Neither has the urban problems that plague Prince Georges County. The likelihood of a conflict of interest is significantly reduced.

If you think that only Owings is affected by the re-districting, think again. Your legislative delegation that represents you in Annapolis includes Prince Georges County delegates.

As a Calvert County Commissioner candidate, I host on my website — www.ImChoosingSusan.com — a poll on redistricting. To date, only two individuals have voted in support of redistricting Owings into a predominately Prince Georges County legislative.

Please add your voice to those who oppose any dilution or disenfranchisement of Calvert County in Annapolis.

— Susan Shaw, Prince Frederick

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