Not Just for Kids

 Vol. 10, No. 18

May 2-8, 2002

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The How-To Cowboy™ Rides Again, Bringing You Another Secret, Magic How-to Fun Trick:
How to Make Surreal Cereal

1) Shake cornflakes into a bowl.

2) Pour in fresh orange juice. Taste. Slurp. Neat, huh?

3) Next day, use frozen orange juice with bubbly carbonated water.

4) Repeat steps 1 through 2. Ooo-oooh! Yummy-good!

5) How about wheat flakes? Rice chex? Corn puffs?

6) How about tangerine juice? Grape juice? Cranberry? Kool-Aid? The list is endlesssssssssssssssss.

7) How about marshmallows? Hershey kisses? Pretzels? Oreos? Honey-roasted cashew nuts? Moon-Pie crumbles? Twinkies? The list is endlesssssssssssssssss.

8) Ladle rolled oats into a bowl.

9) Pour on chocolate milk. Eat. Scree-umptiously groovy.

10) Next day, make hot cocoa with buttermilk.

11) Repeat steps 8 through 10. Lovely. Devine lusciousness.

12) You’re on your own. Be creative. Add everything but cooked turnips and oysters.

13) Just think what you could do at a Motel breakfast buffet.

14) People will think you’re crazy. Grow thick skin.

Accept the How-to Ranch Hand Challenge:

Send a unique how-to trick to IM Press, PO Box 5346, Takoma Park MD 20913. Include step-by-step instructions and, if accepted, you’ll see your trick published in this space and receive a Little Ned Stories book and a $10 check.

Visit the How-to Cowboy™, aka Edward Allan Faine, at this website:

Kids Stuff

Friday, May 3
Little Critter
Listen to Little Critter stories and meet him, too. 10am @ Barnes & Noble, Harbour Center, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Saturday, May 4
Animal Companionship
Learn how to be a good friend to your dog, cat, rabbit or bird at Patuxent Animal Welfare Society’s 2nd annual Pet Education and Adoption Day. You’ll also find loving animals seeking homes w/smart pet lovers. 11am-3pm @ Fox Run Shopping Center, Price Frederick:

Star Wars Come to Severna Park:
Star Wars fans of all ages dress in costume in celebration of the release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. You’ll hear speakers from the Star Toys museum; see sci fi costumes & the video Hardware Wars. 2-4pm @ Severna Park Library: 410/222-6290.

Sunday, May 5
How Things Fly

Kids 6 and up learn the secret in experiments w/aviation expert Harry Kraemer. 1pm @ College Park Aviation Museum, 1985 Cpl. Frank Scott Dr. (Beltway to Greenbelt exit)College Park. $4 w/age discounts:

Tuesday May 7
Explore w/Dora
This morning’s story is Dora’s Backpack, followed by fun from Nick Jr.’s bag of tricks. 10am @ Barnes & Noble Annapolis Harbour Center: 410/573-1115.

— May 8 & 9 —
Under the Big Top
The world’s largest circus under the big top — the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus — has come our way from Deland, Florida, bringing acrobats and animals, clowns and high wire acts and truckloads of special circus fun. 4:30 and 7:30pm both days @ Navy-Marine Corps Stadium Parking Lot, Annapolis. $9-22 w/advance & age discounts: 888/332-5600.

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