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 Vol. 10, No. 18

May 2-8, 2002

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On Slots, Ehrlich Tells 3 Non-Truths

Dear Bay Weekly:

Do a little morphing of Newt Gingrich and what do you get? Bob Ehrlich! Do a little morhphing of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America and what do you get? Bob’s Contract on Maryland!

Mr. Ehrlich’s contract has the two usual Republican mantras: Cut taxes to the bone and cut regulations to zero. But he also has the Sauerbrey mantra: Let the slots hyenas come in and prey on our weaker citizens. Republicans just love social Darwinism, don’t they?

Mr. Ehrlich says the slots tax will finance our unfunded educational commitment. It’s a non-truth. The tax will be between five and 19 percent, and the hyenas will try to get it lowered. Whatever revenue it does produce will be consumed in policing the slots and in counseling gambling addicts and their families.

Mr. Ehrlich says slots will save the tracks for horses. Another non-truth. Slots will at first marginalize racing at tracks but eventually will take the tracks from horses.

Mr. Ehrlich also says slots will be confined to horse tracks. Still another non-truth. The hyenas will soon get slots into convenience stores where kids will be attracted to them.

This was the scene before 1964 when slots were banned in Maryland. A further reason for the ban was that the hyenas tended to buy politicians: ‘If you don’t take our big contribution, we’ll just offer it to your opponent.’ What’s a candidate to do?

What’s a voter to do? We’ll have to vote not only against Mr. Ehrlich but against Republicans for Assembly, because they would have to support his slots bills, and against Republicans for county executive and council, because they would allow slots at the local level.

How to vote against Republicans? Vote Democratic on November 5. And don’t buy the slots-are-inevitable non-truth. Slots are no more inevitable than Ehrlich becoming governor.

—James A. Hoage, Severna Park

Southern High Schoolers March for Dimes & $

Dear Bay Weekly Readers:

Southern High School is doing the March of Dimes Walkathon on Sunday, May 5. The March of Dimes gives money for premature babies, prenatal care and research for babies.

As a school, we are trying to raise $10,000 for the March of Dimes. Our purpose is also to earn our 20 service-learning hours required of freshmen.

The students at Southern High School would greatly appreciate any contributions to the March of Dimes. The people who contribute money will have their names printed in the last Southern newsletter. If you would like to be a hero for babies, please send your donation to Southern High School, 4400 Solomons Island Road, Harwood, MD 20776, Attention: Mrs. Lawlor.
We thank you so much for your time and money.

—Rachel Meekins, Lothian

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