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 Vol. 10, No. 19

May 9-15, 2002

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On Board with Brent Seabrook

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was in Annapolis last week and picked up a copy of Bay Weekly for the first time. What a great publication! I don’t know anything about sailing, but after reading Brent Seabrook’s piece about the Volvo Race, I have a better understanding of what these remarkable people are going through as they race around the world. I still don’t have any desire to get on a sailboat, but your article took me onboard for a few wonderful moments.

— A.J. Boyd, Rock Hall

Forget Alaska; Bay Needs More Words

Dear Bay Weekly:
Why is Pat Piper wasting good commentary space writing about drilling for oil in Alaska? Hasn’t this issue been covered widely in the national news?

However, I haven’t seen one article in any publication condemning the building of a hotel and 40 condominiums on Bay Avenue in North Beach, nor have I seen an article condemning the proposal to build 700 new residential units in Chesapeake Beach just west of Brownie’s Beach. These are only two of the many important local issues that need to be addressed and disseminated throughout the local media as often as possible.

We are allowing the destruction of our own natural resources by our own neglect and indifference. The people of Alaska and environmentalists were active, loud and disruptive in their protest against drilling in Alaska, and so far they have won their fight.

Who is going to lead the charge in Chesapeake Bay country? Anyone? Or are we going to let the developers ruin our communities because they are allowed to quietly move forward undetected and unopposed?

— Yvonne Misner, North Beach

Pat Piper’s reply: The writer is right on the money. More and more homes are being built, and once the land is touched, it is never the same. Every year, 30,000 acres of open space is lost to development. We’re not only running out of land but out of time to do something about it.

Editor’s note: The answer to your first question is that Piper took the initiative to write it. We’ve equally good commentary space each week, and that section is open to all voices. Yours would be equally welcome.

Yoyo Man George Daly’s ‘Trick’ Hand Recovering

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am sure many of the readers of Bay Weekly saw the article with the picture of George Daly, doing tricks with his yo-yo [Not Just for Kids: Vol. X, No. 16, April 18-24]. He looked so happy. I saw it and was saddened because George had injured his right hand the day before with a band saw while working on a project for the Shady Side peninsula.

He was air-lifted by helicopter to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, treated and later released, having a cast applied to his right hand.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and many thanks to George and Mavis, his wife, for all the times and wonderful things they have given to all of us.

— Janie and Arthur White, Churchton

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