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 Vol. 10, No. 20

May 16-22, 2002

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The Difference a County Employee Can Make

Dear Bay Weekly:
I’d like to thank you and M.L. Faunce for doing such a thorough and comprehensive story on Marion Coomes and Thomas Point Park [Bay Life: Vol. X, No. 18: May 2]. I also understand that the story was featured on your promotional spots running on WNAV.

I hope the story brings more people into the loop on the difference a county employee can make in having more citizens enjoy and strive to protect our environmental assets. It’s a shame that the cabin on the premises will be abandoned after Mr. Coomes retires at the end of 2003. County officials believe they can rent it to a private party, but I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

By the way, the park was opened to everyone — even without vehicle permits — to view the beginning of the Volvo Ocean Race. Even with the misty weather, it was a dramatic overview of the early maneuvering.
Thanks again for the story, and please come and visit the park if you have the opportunity.

— Ron Wilner, Annapolis

Three Democratic Dons

Dear Bay Weekly:
Perhaps James Hoage [“On Slots, Ehrlich Tells 3 Non-Truths”: Vol. 10, No. 18, May 2] expected Bay Weekly readers to find the hypocrisy in his letter to the editor — which reads like a list of Townsend talking points — endearing. He calls upon Maryland voters to pull the lever for the Democrat Party in November to serve as our sheltering mothers, protecting us from the evil bogeyman of slot machines. (I suppose we wouldn’t want the state to have any competition with its virtual monopoly on legalized gambling, the lottery.)

It seems he was wagering that Maryland voters would forget that Cas Taylor, Mike Miller and Pete Rowling — our potential political moms — all support slots and would be the three Democratic Dons holding all the cards in a Townsend administration. If we can assume for the moment that they haven’t flip-flopped on the issue — an assumption that can be quite a gamble with any position the Democrats profess — can anyone explain how a vote for their party would be a win for Maryland — and not just a good deal for the Democrats?

— Nate Sheely, Annapolis

5th Grader Studies Maryland

Dear Bay Weekly Readers:
Hi. My name is Brock Alen Wingert and I’m a fifth grader at West Ridge Elementary School in Harlan, Iowa. Our class is studying geography and history on all 50 states. I would highly appreciate it if you would send a postcard, souvenir or any other information about your state,
so I can learn more about Maryland.

I appreciate your time, and thank you.

— Brock Alen Wingert, West Ridge Elementary School, 1401 19th St., Harlan, Iowa 51537

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