Vol. 10, No. 25

June 20-26, 2002

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101 Answers to Your Prayers:

Summer’s Here. Now All You Have to Do Is Enjoy It

School’s out and the kids want to know what they’re going to do now. If you don’t come up with something good, and quick, they’ll whine and watch television all summer long.

Company is coming from out of town. They all want to know what you’ve got planned for them. And no, pot luck won’t do. Dad wants to go people watching; Cousin Albro loves a military band; Uncle Max can’t get it into his head that you don’t live on the ocean. Mom won’t be happy until she goes fishing; Little Sister Sue has just got to see a midshipman; Aunt Florrie’s nuts about history. And every one of them wants to eat blue crabs.

It’s a good thing Bay Weekly has all the answers. Tucked inside this week’s regular edition — where you’ll once again find all the good things you’ve come to expect each week — is our annual special “101 Ways to Have Fun: An Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay.

Here, handily sized to go with you all summer long, is an anthology of places to go and things to do. Before the jellyfish take over the Bay (you’ll read about them in this week’s regular issue) start off summer by taking the kids to Discover a Bay Beach, to turn themselves into Bay creatures. After they’ve gotten wet and sandy, they’ll want to Search the Tidelines to discover Bay treasures. Be sure each brings home a favorite piece of driftwood, so they’ll be ready to Paint Driftwood Creatures, when they want to know what to do tomorrow.

These are just a couple of our 20 Ways dedicated to Not Just for Kids. They’re marked NJFK to let you now that you can join in, too. After all, why should kids have all the fun?

They won’t, when you’ve got 101 Ways to guide you. You’ll find military bands to satisfy Cousin Albro most nights of the week. While he’s marching to the beat, Dad can sit back and watch the people. Meanwhile, Uncle Max can plan his daytrip to the ocean — but before he starts out, make sure he reads Find Out Where in the World You Are and Enlarge Your World.

Mom will find directions to her fish in Go Fish; Charter a Fishing Trip; and You Don’t Need a Boat to Go Fishing. She’ll know the advice is good, because it comes to her from our own Old Man of the Bay, Bill Burton. Sister Sue need only read on to see where and when to See a Plebe Summer Parade at the Naval Academy. And Aunt Florrie can not only see history with Tour the Historic Sites You Pass Every Day but Dig History.

101 Ways isn’t done with your summer yet. It’s not only a guide to the culture and opportunities of Chesapeake Country but an all-summer-long calendar. So when you want to know where you can celebrate July 4 under the rockets’ red glare, you need look no further.

The only thing our Summer Guide can’t do to improve your summer is tell you where to find another copy if you lose this one. Because while 101 Ways will last you all summer long, it comes to you only once: this week. So seize the issue.

Copyright 2002
Bay Weekly