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 Vol. 10, No. 26

June 27 - July 3, 2002

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Taking Kids Catchin’

Dear Bay Weekly:
I just wanted to take a minute and thank West Marine in Deale and Solomons, Bayside Crabs and Renno’s Market for their participation in this year’s Wish-a-Fish event. Wish-a-Fish is an annual event where volunteers take out sick children (some very sick) for a day of fishing on the Bay. This year’s event was hosted by the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons. We set a new record this year: approximately 60 children participated. After fishing, everyone enjoyed a picnic, and special prizes were awarded to all the children.

I really don’t like knocking on people’s doors with my tin cup for handouts, but for the second year in a row the above organizations made that chore simple.

Thanks guys. See ya next year.

— Captain John Deering, Shady Side Charters

Heartwarming Heron

Dear Bay Weekly:
Brent Seabrook did a wonderful job with the story of Harry the Heron [Dock of the Bay, Vol. X, No. 25]. It was truly touching and heartwarming, and a nice opportunity to peek into the responsibilities of the harbormaster’s office.

— Jan Hardesty: Public Information Office, City of Annapolis

Grand Scheme for Jellyfish

Dear Bay Weekly:
I loved April Doss’ research and story on the jellyfish [“Return of the Jellyfish”: Vol. X, No. 25]. What a nice job. You are to be commended highly. It certainly educated me.

One question regarding your research. Did you find any scientist doing research on what possibly they might contain for the good of mankind? I’m sure God placed them here for a purpose. I hope something will be discovered.

Again, thanks for the lovely work.

— Carroll Kehne, Stevensville

Know a Wye Oak?

Dear Bay Weekly:
The three garden clubs in Calvert County are attempting to photograph and document the locations of all Wye Oak clones. If you know of one, please forward a photo and the location or address. The documentation is to be housed at the Calvert County Historical Society in their state-of-the-art archival wing at Linden.

Thank you for your assistance.

— Mrs. J. Hanson Briscoe, Prince Frederick

Best of the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:
When are the results of your survey of “the Best of the Bay” going to be published? Did I miss them?

— Joe Doswell: [email protected]

Editor’s reply: No, you have not missed the results of Bay Weekly’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll. Those will be published August 16 in a special Best of the Bay issue.

Department of Corrections

Easton Airport is in Talbot County. It was erroneously located in Dorchester County in Way 86 of Bay Weekly’s Summer Guide, “101 Ways to Have Fun ~ An Indispensible Guide to Summer on the Bay

Also in “101 Ways to Have Fun,” Bay Weekly failed to credit professional photographer Brian Raines for the photo that ran on page 12 of his daugther holding a steamed crab, a pincher in each hand. Our apologies for the confusion.

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