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 Vol. 10, No. 28

July 11-17, 2002

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Not Just for bookworms

In books, readers find adventure, companionship and nerves – as Bethany Kehne of Vienna, VA, explains in this poem she wrote and illustrated.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Poem
poem & illustration by Bethany Kehne

Harry Potter’s eyes are as green as mistletoe,
They light up his face like a glow-in-the-dark glow.
They are as green as a little frog’s nose,
And as green as the grass that in my yard grows.

His hair is as black as a tar-filled jug,
It tangles like the fringe of a rug,
And twists around like the vine of a grape,
And is wild as a hairy ape.

Like Teletubby Po, his scar is red,
And zigzags back and forth across his forehead.
He got it from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,
Because of it, all of us think him famed.

Sometimes he doesn’t follow rules,
But that does not mean he really drools.
To Ron and Hermione, he is good friends,
And to them, with Hedwig, letters he sends.

The Basilisk was a terrible creature,
Even worse than Snape the teacher.
Poor Ginny of course was not blamed,
She was forced to do it by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Gilderoy Lockhart threw a Memory Charm,
Which shot back at him causing harm.
Harry was helped by the Phoenix Fawkes,
And won Dobby’s freedom with dirty socks.

Harry Potter books are the best of all,
(J.K. Rowling’s better even than Roald Dahl).
That last line was put in by my sister,
Sometimes to me she’s like a blister.

What Are You Reading This Summer?
Look in your library for these great books!

A Single Shard
by Linda Sue Park
A Newbery Medal winner, this captivating tale pulls you into the life of a 13-year-old orphaned girl in Medieval Korea, who lives under a bridge.

Milo’s Hat Trick
by John Agee
Picture book
In the busy city, there is but one man who wears a bear on his hat, this is his story. This book was voted a favorite by Maryland students.

F is for Freedom
by Roni Schotter
Grades 4-6
10-year-old Manda helps a fugitive slave find freedom in the Underground Railroad.

Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer
Grades 6-9
A 12-year-old evil genius tries to regain his family
fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom.

The Body of Chistopher Creed
by Carol Plum-Ucci
High School
A high school junior ponders the disappearance of the class outcast.

The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat
by Catherine Ann Cullen
The buttons on a young girl’s coat are filled with magic.

Summer Reading Events

Monday, July 15
Fastest Stories on the Planet
Hear stories about quests to be the fastest person, on land, water or in the air. 10am, 11:30am & 1:30 pm @ the Annapolis branch; 3 & 7pm @ the Eastport-Annapolis Neck branch:

Reptile World
Visit with a 20-lb. tortoise, a 4-foot-long iguana and a 14-foot-long Albino Indian Rock Python while learning about reptiles from around the world. 9:30am, 11am & 1pm @ Crofton.

Tuesday, July 16
Beauty and the Beast
Brought to life in Dan Raynor’s marionette play. 1:30, 3 & 7pm @ Odenton.

The Science Show
A wacky and educational introduction to science in everyday life. 3 & 7pm @ Broadneck.

Believe in Magic
Explore magical traditions in this comedic preformance. 3 & 7pm @ Mountain Road.

Wednesday, July 17
Believe in Magic
9:30 & 11 am @ Riviera Park.

Beauty and the Beast
1 & 3:30pm @ South County.

Science Show
1:30, 3 & 7pm @ North Co.

Believe in Magic
2 & 3:30pm @ Brooklyn Park.

Thursday, July 18
Believe in Magic
1:30, 3 & 7 pm @ Edgewater.

The Science Show
2 & 3:30pm @ Provinces.

Monday, July 22
Believe in Magic
9:30am, 11am & 1pm @ North Co.

Fastest Stories on the Planet
1:30 & 3pm @ Odenton.

Reptile World
1:30, 3 & 7pm @ Edgewater.

Tuesday, July 23
Reptile World
11am, 1 & 3pm @ Severna Park.

Believe in Magic
1:30, 3 & 7 pm @ Crofton.

The King’s Trumpet
Learn about the history of the trumpet. 2:30, 4 & 7pm @ Annapolis.

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