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 Vol. 10, No. 28

July 11-17, 2002

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Thanks Gov. for Vetoing That Bill

Dear Bay Weekly:
Methinks that Bill Burton is not thinking.

Bill, the reason why you don’t see hikers, bird-watchers and equestrians in the woods when you go hunting is that no one in their right mind would enter the woods during the hunting season unless they are hunters. Already trigger-happy hunters shoot other hunters or shoot cows and/or horses grazing in pastures. Hikers, equestrians and bird-watchers are smart enough not to enter the woods knowing that they may be mistaken for a deer and get shot or shot at.

If there is a need to reduce the deer population, extend the hunting season or allow hunters to shoot as many deer as they can utilize. Unwanted deer meat also can be used to feed the hungry at soup kitchens or hungry lions or tigers in zoos.

Allow the woods to be free of hunters on Sundays for bird watchers, equestrians and hikers. I enjoy walking the woods on crisp fall days, after the leaves have fallen, and my wife enjoys riding her horse through the woods on Sundays. Us non-hunters should also have privileges. Amen.

— Francis R. Gouin, Ph.D., Deale

On Executive Spouses

Dear Bay Weekly:
As one who began a political career as the spouse of a mayor and now serves as one, I have a pretty good understanding of the partnership of Janet Owens and her husband, David Sheehan.

As a government executive, you rely upon people whose judgment you trust and who are experts on many complex issues. Many times, you find this in volunteers who are longtime friends and associates. If you are really lucky, you find it in a life partner who shares your commitment to public service and making the government work better for the people.

As the wife of a mayor with many innovative ideas and programs, I became involved in many aspects of his administration. On his behalf, I attended a lot of meetings, organized community groups and, yes, even worked with City Hall staff. And like David Sheehan, I was never financially compensated. We shared a vision, and my energies and talents were used to further the goals of the mayor.

Now in that leadership position myself, I have had committed volunteers advise me and even take the lead in implementing my initiatives. Many of them, like City Administrator David Stahl or preservation specialist Dave Fogle, have considerable credentials. And because they believe in public service, they have freely given their expertise.

Janet Owens is very fortunate to be married to someone who has always supported her career, shared her ideals and worked to help her attain them — even while taking time away from his own successful practice.

The people of Anne Arundel County have been well served by David Sheehan not only as first spouse but as first volunteer. I hope they will see this effort to malign the county executive and her husband as what it is — desperation politics.

— Ellen Moyer, Mayor of Annapolis

Faunce Plays Well in Alaska

Dear Bay Weekly:
I enjoy reading columns by M.L. Faunce when I go on-line. I don’t always find them, but when I do, great.

— Doris Ward, Haines, Alaska

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