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 Vol. 10, No. 30

July 25-31, 2002

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Color Calvert Republicans Green

Dear Bay Weekly:
Your editorial “Rep. Bob Ehrlich and the Environment” [Vol. X, No. 22, May 30] made a comment to the effect that “grumble grumble … here we go again with those damn Republicans who don’t care about the environment or preservation.”

While your sentiment is debatable, I have to admit that the perception is widespread. And, especially in Calvert County, false. Calvert Republicans, in general, support growth control, protecting the Bay and the environment and eco-friendly measures, while the Democrats are, again, in general, in cahoots with the developers and the pave-it-over crowd who provide the bulk of their campaign financing.

— Jay Lounsbury, Dunkirk: Candidate for Calvert Republican Central Committee

Editor’s note: What we actually said was “Paying only lip service to the environment won’t win converts to Ehrlich, especially the independents and moderate Republicans who recall the GOP’s heritage and its green heroes. Those heroes include the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, who oversaw the creation of our national park system and, yes, Richard Nixon, under whom the Environmental Protection Agency was born.”

Seeing Red Over “Primary Colors,” ‘Reformed Democrat’ Wields Pen

Dear Bay Weekly:
Careful now. Your publication is showing its liberal colors in the July 24, 2002, issue [Vol. X No. 29] and feature article “Primary Colors.”

The [Dock of the Bay] piece on Bob Ehrlich was blatantly leftist in its skeptical reporting on the Ehrlich interview. Your feeble attempts to make the Republican candidate appear somewhat human, capturing the photo holding his child, came across a bit suspicious as well.

Meanwhile, Kathy Townsend gets a half-page, unpaid political photo complete with campaign signs and happy Democrats under a red white and blue headline.

Your plea for candidates to advertise in your paper would be a waste of campaign funds for

Republicans, what with your publication making it so clear where your views lie.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Mine stands wielded.

Please save your personal political views for the editorial column and please stick to covering the Bay in the manner you state in your Bay Weekly Mission Statement, “to focus on the good in society and to explore ways to improve our world.”

— Jill Malcolm, reformed Democrat, Huntingtown

Sunday Hunting Rides Again

Dear Bay Weekly:
I disagree with reader Francis Gouin’s view that Governor Glendening’s veto of the Sunday hunting bill was the right thing to do [Letters to the Editor, Vol. X, No. 28, July 11]. Paris’ reasoning was very weak. He said people should not have to live in fear of walking in the woods on Sundays. This argument doesn’t hold water. We are talking about one Sunday in only the three Western Maryland counties in the middle of winter. Bill Burton [“Let ‘Em Hunt” No. 26, June 27] is right. You just don’t ever see people looking for a titmouse or riding a horse in Garrett County when it’s five degrees out and six inches of snow is on the ground.

I would have respected the governor if he simply had said he doesn’t like hunting, and then I would ask him please not to impose his religious views of animal worship on me. A compromise for the governor would have been to allow Sunday hunting on private land but not on public lands. But what can you expect from a simple-minded college professor from College Park?

— John Marcinik, Deale

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