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 Vol. 10, No. 32

August 8-14, 2002

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Praise from High Places

Dear Bay Weekly:
I enjoyed your “One Week on the Campaign Trail” [July 11, Vol. X, No 29] enormously, and I’ve enjoyed Bay Weekly for many years now (long before the name change). I salute you for bringing a user-friendly mix of high standards and hometown feel to Anne Arundel County.

— John Aubuchon, Edgewater

Editor’s note: Aubuchon, Maryland Public Television’s senior correspondent and president of the National Press Club in Washington, was profiled on Jan. 3, this year, in Vol. X, No. 1.

Jean Smith Remembered

Dear Bay Weekly:
This past weekend, I returned to the Annapolis area for a few days, having been in North Carolina for two months. The first thing I did, of course, was grab a copy of Bay Weekly’s August 1 issue. My joy at the wonderful paper you put out was tempered when I read of Jean Smith’s transition. I will always remember the sparkle in her eyes and her quiet strength at our community association meetings. Her legacy truly lives on in the eloquence of her grandson, Eric. My thoughts and prayers are with the Smith family and with the Fairhaven community.

— Paula Langguth Ryan, www.ArtOfAbundance.com

A Dog Park for Calvert?

Dear Bay Weekly:
I loved Nancy Hoffmann’s picture of the dog park at Quiet Waters Park [cover and lead story Vol. X, No 31, Aug. 1]. It was a great story. Three of our own Humane Society dogs were there last Friday after learning about it at PetSmart.

I never go because it’s an hour from my home, but Calvert County is taking a closer look at having one, too, looking into parks that already have one.

— Suzy Smithson, Calvert County Humane Society

Gone to the Dogs

Dear Bay Weekly:
I enjoyed Nancy Hoffmann’s story on dog parks [Vol. X, No 31], Aug. 1]. Our dog grew up in San Francisco’s dog park. My daughter took a towel to wipe off the slobber from all the other big dogs.

—Tony Evans, Annapolis

Red Light Cameras Won’t Prevail Anytime Soon

Dear Bay Weekly:
I’d like to comment on the letter to the editor, Aug. 1 (Vol. X, No. 31), in which a citizen takes issue with my commitment to public safety.

The headline on the letter stated: “Traffic [red light] cameras will prevail in Calvert County,” a reflection of what was written in the letter. Well, they won’t prevail anytime soon.

The sheriff of Calvert County, after realizing that the proposal for the county to install red light cameras at three of the state’s intersections lacked citizen support as well as support from the Calvert County commissioners, withdrew the plan for consideration on the evening of the public hearing.

I have a good record of support for public safety. As a Calvert County commissioner, I have voted to approve county budgets that increased funding for public safety for the past four years. Most informed citizens know that my record on public safety speaks for itself.

— John Douglas Parran, Calvert County Commissioner

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