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 Vol. 10, No. 34

August 22-28, 2002

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Some Things Don’t Change

Dear Bay Weekly:
For all her laudable intentions, I would suggest that writer SOM [editor Sandra Martin] be induced to spend a few evenings downwind of Junior Lubbes [“What’s Good for Junior’s Good For North Beach”: Vol. X, No. 33, Aug. 15] at Thursdays Bar and Grill. That would suffice to convince her that some things are never going to change — and one of them is Junior’s indifference to the niceties of life. To paraphrase Nietzsche, Zarathustra/Junior is a great wind, and one must beware of spitting against the wind.

— Jason Stern, Tracys Landing

How to Choose a Candidate

Dear Bay Weekly:
The very characteristics that make Calvert County a wonderful place to live are threatened by the rapid population and commercial growth. Decisions made by county leadership that preserve and protect those characteristics as growth continues are of great importance to maintaining the quality of life in this county now and on into the future.

Responsible citizens will use their votes in the coming election to select persons to serve as county commissioners who will seek the best scientific and technical information, and listen carefully to the opinions of each of us when planning for and carrying out those requirements and activities that will maintain, and improve, the environment that we call Calvert County.

All candidates should be evaluated, regardless of political party affiliation, to determine their leadership capabilities, knowledge of the relevant conservation issues and possible solutions and their intent to put the interests of county residents first when addressing such issues.

As a volunteer in a number of state, county and private organizations that are concerned with maintaining a healthy environment, I have looked closely at the 16 candidates. While I am a registered Democrat, my own number-one choice who has these important characteristics is a Republican candidate, Susan Ellsworth Shaw.

Susan is a longtime resident of our county. When questioned by myself, and representatives of local environmental organizations, she has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and interest in these complex issues, an openness to new information from all sources and a special determination to put the interests of the majority of our county’s citizens first when making decisions that affect our quality of life.

Hopefully, many others will examine Susan’s excellent qualifications in this particular area and consider their findings when making that important mark on their ballot.

— Jack C. Leighty, D.V.M., Huntingtown

Why I Choose Perry

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was pleased to learn that Peter Perry is running for the Anne Arundel County Council in the Seventh District. I believe that he will be a strong advocate for people with special needs, including mental health.

The mentally ill have difficulties in receiving needed medical supervision, mental health therapy, medication, rehabilitation, housing and transportation. Over 4,000 people in Anne Arundel are currently receiving some services, but there are many unmet needs and many more people who receive no in-patient or out-patient care.

Because I was director of mental health for 17 years in an adjoining county, I was invited to a meeting focusing on mental health issues in Anne Arundel County. Peter’s interest in current health problems was clear.

I know that he is familiar with wider health issues as he is chair of the Owensville Primary Care Community Health Center Board of Directors and a longtime member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, which has become even more relevant since September 11. He is concerned about services provided to the increasing senior population as well as recreational facilities for the young.

Peter has always been concerned about the environment, and I look forward to his impact on all living things in Anne Arundel County.

— Frances Nadash, West River

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