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 Vol. 10, No. 35

August 29 - September 4, 2002

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Play the Bay Game All the Way to the Beach
by Martha Blume

It’s the journey — not the destination — that counts. That may be good advice sometimes. But when you’re stuck in Labor Day traffic on the way to the beach, all you can think of is the destination.

Oh, to be a water drop like Cooper and Hanna. They can ride the waves all the way from their starting point in Pennsylvania to Ocean City because they are part of the water cycle that includes the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read about their adventures on the way to the Bay in the 2002 edition of The Maryland Bay Game. If you have the Bay Game, whether you travel Route 404 or 50, you can have fun all the way to the beach.

Play Bay Bingo by looking for signs and features along the route, like Adopt a Road signs or cows or fishing boats. Put a sticker on your Bingo card for each of the 50 features you find.

Solve activities like the A Maze-ing Water Maze and the Maryland Farmers secret code.

Learn cool facts from Ol’ Blue, the great blue heron, like “a running faucet uses about five gallons of water a minute,” and help Ol’ Blue by learning how to build a rain barrel.

Look for 14 sites along your route, like the Train Bridge at Site 8, and get a sticker for each one you find. Your Bay Game will tell you that from there, you are only 64 miles from Ocean City.

Get your copy from the toll collectors on the Bay Bridge or on the web at It will give you lots to think about and do on your journey. Maybe you’ll have so much fun, you’ll be there before you remember to ask, “Are we there yet?”

When you get to the beach, be a beach buddy. Pick up any plastic bags that you find and dispose of them properly. Why? Plastic bags look just like jellyfish to sea turtles and marine mammals that love to eat jellyfish. A plastic bag can clog the animals’ digestive system and cause them to starve.

Rainy day at the beach? Make a jazzy jellyfish. You’ll need: a paper plate, ribbon, scissors, tape and crayons. Color your paper plate jellyfish ‘body.’ Cut about 30 pieces of ribbon about as long as your arm. Curl some of them with a scissors and let some stretch out. Tape the ribbon ‘tentacles’ around the edge of the paper plate, on the top side. Turn the plate over and let your tentacles hang.

Kids Stuff

Saturday, August 31
Jousting tournament
Today is the 136th Calvert County Jousting Tournament. Come watch Maryland’s official state sport while enjoying a country supper, bazaar and crafts. 10am-6pm @ the grounds of Christ Church, Rt. 264, Port Republic: 410/535-1710.

Monday, September 2
Labor Day
Spend Labor Day at Jefferson Patterson Park where you can wander the trails, such as the Riverside Trail, or go into the Discovery Room and experience what life was like many, many years ago in Native American and Colonial areas. 10am-5pm @ Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, St. Leonard. Free: 410/586-8501.

Tuesday, September 3
Be Charitable
The Calvert County libraries are collecting food, baby supplies, personal care items and paper products to assist those less fortunate. Bring your donations to any of the Calvert libraries in support of the Month of Caring. Every little bit helps. Bring joy to yourself and others w/ donations @ Calvert libraries: 410/535-0291.

Kids ‘N’ Critters
Ever thought about the danger animals encounter living by busy, or even slow, roads? Well, here is your chance to help those critters and maybe even prevent injury to them. A park ranger will tell you all about how everyone can make the road a safer place for wildlife. 10:30am @ King’s Landing Park, Prince Frederick. $3 w/ member discounts, for ages 3-5: 410/535-5327.

Wednesday, September 4
Cricket Cries
It is that time of year when crickets are singing loudly every night. Try to find just one and you’ll find the sound is coming from all directions. Watch a puppet show about these loud critters, and meet some up close. For ages 2-3. 10am @ Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Port Republic. $3 w/ member discounts, Rsvp: 410/535-5327.

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