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 Vol. 10, No. 35

August 29 - September 4, 2002

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Shake America’s Hand

Dear Bay Weekly:
September 11, Enron, WorldCom, global warming, terrorism, the drought. Things are looking pretty grim. Is Osama winning? Is America losing its spirit?

If you think so, you haven’t been to a parade. I have. I have touched America’s spirit — and it is healthy and strong. You have to be in a parade to really get that feeling: not watch, not ride, but walk.

As part of my grassroots campaign for Anne Arundel County Council, I have had the privilege of walking in parades this spring and summer. This is where patriotism flourishes. I mingle and shake the hands of good folks of all walks of life and backgrounds: young, old, rich, poor, African-American, Hispanic, white. Political party affiliations do not matter here. I touch the hand of the laborer, the teacher, the waterman, the executive and the innocent child. They are all here, all different, all together. They come to share in the patriotic experience that is uniquely American. Our cars are adorned with flags and banners, testifying to our loyalty to America.

In one parade, we convey veterans who fought in wars long ago and can no longer walk the parade route as they had before. It is a humbling and honorable experience. I recall images of the World War II slogans and the brave men and women who have stepped forward today to serve our country proudly.

But it’s about the people lining the parade route. The people come with outstretched hands, full of enthusiasm, celebrating the patriotic moment. This is the indomitable American spirit. We have overcome adversity before. These handshakes tell me we will prevail here. That firm grip is the silent voice of our resolve. That handshake is the strength of our people.

A hometown parade is the spirit of Americana.

— Peter Perry, Davidsonville

Vicarious Doggone Good Time

Dear Bay Weekly:
Time was, photos and stories of my two dachshunds would show up in Bay Weekly from time to time over the years. Now they romp in fields of clover, and I live my pet experiences vicariously through wonderful articles like the recent one by Nancy Hoffmann, “A Doggone Good Time,” [Vol. X, No. 31, Aug. 1].

There were no dog parks for off-leash exercise and important socialization (for pets and owners) when my doxies scampered around Bay Country. Thanks to Hoffmann’s fine and informative piece, it’s easy to see the health benefits of providing parkland for off-leash activities for pets, and the entertainment value for humans, whether they own a dog or live vicariously through those who do.

— M.L. Faunce, Churchton

Clone the Bride

Dear Bay Weekly:
Best of the Bay [Vol. X, No. 34, Aug. 22] was excellent, and I especially enjoyed Best Place to Get Married. Yes, Herrington Harbour is a beautiful place to get hitched, or as you say, “a gateway to romance.” You say Anna Chaney provides everything but the bride or groom.

That could change with cloning. In a few years, brides and grooms could be made available and exact copies of, say, Dollie Parton, Elizabeth Taylor or Blaze Starr (38 double D). Or Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds or Warren Beatty. You can probably guess my age. If people want more cerebral types, Nobel Prize winners, in California at least, are said to be available.

— Tom Gill, Rose Haven

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