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 Vol. 10, No. 36

September 5-11, 2002

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  1. Why are you seeking election?
  2. What in your background prepares you for public service?
  3. What special strength would you bring to this office?
  4. What growth or land-use problem in Chesapeake Country concerns you and why?
  5. In 50 words or less, what is your vision?

Senator, A.A.Co. District 30
One seat to be won in a one-on-one race in the General Election.

John Astle: Incumbent; unopposed.

Nora Criss-McIntire Keenan: No response.

Andy Smarick
1. The incumbent has done a poor job on state spending , protecting the environment and helping our schools. We desperately need a senator who will be active and work hard for Maryland.

2. I have a BA in government and politics and a master’s degree in public management. I have been an aide for the Maryland General Assembly. I am currently a legislative aide for Congressman Wayne Gilchrest.

3. I have knowledge of the policy areas my district is interested in; passion for policy work and serving my area. I grew up and went to the local public schools; high level of activity.

4. Urban sprawl and the clearing of forests and wetlands hurts our air and water quality, leads to transportation problems, reduces the quality of life, endangers habitat and threatens countless species.

5. I will work to make Anne Arundel County the ideal place to live, raise families and visit. Our schools will be the best, our environment the cleanest and our quality of life unrivaled. We will get there through thoughtfulness, determination and action.

Delegate, A.A.Co. District 30
The 30th is represented by a team of three delegates. Three Primary winners from each party will compete in the General Election for three seats.

Michael Busch: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking my fifth term as a member of the House of Delegates because I would like to continue working on issues that I feel are important to my constituents: quality education, accessible and affordable health care, a clean environment and a vibrant economy.

2. I have lived in District 30 for over 30 years and have worked as a teacher and a coach. I have been involved with numerous civic associations and in many community activities. I have dedicated the last 16 years of my professional life as a delegate, attending to community and statewide issues of importance.

3. I believe my record in office reflects my ability to analyze issues and bring affected parties together to achieve fair and equitable solutions to problems.

4. I am concerned about overdevelopment and storm water run-off. Both have a negative effect on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. We need strong enforcement of existing laws in order to control and manage these problems.

5. My vision for all Marylanders is a quality K-12 educational system, accessible and affordable health care, economic opportunity and an environment that produces a quality of life that everyone can take pride in.

Virginia Clagett: Incumbent.
1. I could continue my efforts of 28 years to preserve agricultural lands and be a strong voice for the quality of our Chesapeake Bay. I could continue my 100 percent environmental voting record and continue the high standard of constituent service.

2. I have 20 years on the A.A. County Council, 1974-94, with eight years as chair of the council, 1984-91; eight years as delegate, District 30, 1994-2002.

3. I provide long-term leadership and deep knowledge of the issues facing our district and Maryland from land use to budget to education.

4. We must continue to fund the acquisition of agricultural and woodland acres in order to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources, from our groundwater to our rivers and coastal bays.

5. I dream of a Maryland whose historic resources — mountains, farms and waterways — will not only survive but be enhanced by our actions; a Maryland where all children can expect equity in education with high standards for all; a Maryland where all receive adequate health care no matter the ability to pay.

Dick D’Amato: Incumbent
1. I enjoy fashioning practical and innovative solutions to problems encountered by citizens. The Maryland legislature is a democratic problem-solving institution that allows me opportunity — through hard work and foresight — to help find practical answers.

2. I have been in public service most of my life, first as a naval officer and then as counsel to highly successful and independent-minded members of Congress, including senators Jim Jeffords, Abe Ribicoff and Robert Byrd for some 25 years. I also run my own private firm advising U.S. companies on national security matters. My legislative experience — together with my training as a lawyer, knowledge of business and the sense of country I gained from naval service — has given me a perspective helpful to representing the diverse constituency of Anne Arundel County.

3. I have had useful experience — at various times as a teacher, writer, officer and particularly in representing District 30 in the General Assembly — creating practical solutions to a wide variety of problems, in education, health care, the environment and law enforcement. I also have learned to be persistent and focused in seeing problems through to the end, not accepting defeat, excuses or pessimism, and I have had inspired mentors who demonstrated how adversity can be overcome through hard work and faith.

4. Water in the Chesapeake Bay region, both quality and quantity, is at an unacceptable level and a daunting challenge. We have to do better. We are losing our groundwater aquifers through overdevelopment, overuse and poor management. We need to understand what is happening to this precious resource and learn to manage it wisely. As the representative of the House of Delegates on the new Maryland Groundwater Commission that I helped to create, we now have an opportunity to find long-term answers.

5. The Bay is also afflicted by poor water quality. Strong rules, renewed attention and new programs must be developed and enforced throughout the region to stabilize and enhance the entire system.

Shirley May Little: No response.

Nancy Almgren
1. I am running for office because I believe my long history of community involvement, business and financial experience — and my desire to bring responsibility and accountability to the General Assembly — will make me an excellent representative of the people.

2. I have a long history of community service in a variety of areas — public education and charities, to name a few. I also have an extensive business and finance background. I was a stockbroker for over 20 years. I believe this experience will bring much needed strength to the General Assembly in dealing with fiscal matters.

3. I bring an in-depth knowledge of financial issues. This is critical in understanding the budgetary crisis in this state, bond issues and stimulating the state’s economy.

4. I am concerned with the rate at which the county is issuing property waivers and variances to builders. If it continues at this rate, agricultural areas and small rural towns will be in jeopardy of being overrun by developers.

5. My vision for Maryland is a state that thrives, economically and socially. A state where business flourishes, a safe and affordable place for families to live, children to receive a quality education and a clean and beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

Mike Collins
1. I am running to improve education, the environment and public safety; to work on electoral reform and spend our tax money responsibly.

2. I have been in public services since I was 18 years old. I have hands-on experience improving worker safety and environmental compliance as well as leadership and business experience.

3. Civility and integrity. I can find consensus and work with disparate groups to find common ground and real-world solutions to problems.

4. Sprawl is gobbling up open land, putting pressure on wetlands and increasing run-off of topsoil and fertilizers and pesticides, hurting the Bay and our quality of life.

5. My goal is for our citizens, government and business communities to work in concert to bring civility of discourse back to the public square; to spend taxpayers’ money wisely while promoting sustainable, sensible economic growth and improving our schools, the Bay and our quality of life.

Dave Lubrano
1. Maryland deserves a two-party system. It also deserves elected Republicans that do the job because they want to make Maryland a better place through actions and ideas. If I am elected, I will work hard to reduce crime in my district and to eliminate waste in state government so as to reduce the crushing tax burdens on Maryland households.

2. I served on the Republican Central Committee, 1994-1998; County Chairman of the Dole campaign, 1995-1996; President of the Ambridge Association, 2000-2001 and vice-president, 1999-2000; Working with the Bush election team, 2000.

3. I would bring to the office a sense of ethics, something the Democratic Party — which has ruled Maryland for far too long — does not have. I would bring new ideas, new beliefs and new methodologies of solving problems to the office. As a fairly young member of the house, I better work hard to make Maryland the best because I have many years to live in this state.

4. Not having accessible support industries near places of residence is a problem in Chesapeake Country. For that reason, I would have worked very hard to provide the citizens in South County the Safeway grocery store. Less time in an automobile leads to a better quality of life.

5. We live in a state with an active two-party system, ensuring that both parties act in a manner that is legal and just that maximizes the benefit for each citizen of Maryland. I dream of a statefree of burdening taxes that reduce growth and opportunity. A state where revenues build an educational system that enables every child to reach his or her potential.

Herb McMillan
1. I want to serve our district by promoting a balanced agenda of individual empowerment, fiscal reform and free enterprise. These are the keys to meeting our challenges in education, the economy and quality of life.

2. I have served at an executive level as a commander in the Navy Reserve, and I have served as a member of the Annapolis City Council. I have been active in the community as a board member for the Community Action Agency and as president of the West Annapolis PTA.

3. A bring my strong knowledge of the issues and my ability to compromise and build coalitions. As a councilman, I was able to pass three tax cuts and a voter identification law through compromise and coalition building with Democrats on the council.

4. As a result of growth, many retirees on fixed incomes are in danger of losing their homes due to increasing property assessments and taxes. We don’t want Chesapeake Country to lose its diversity of residents. I would propose an income-tax credit for property taxes to ease the burden on our seniors.

5. I have a dream of individual empowerment and growth through a balanced agenda of individual freedom, free enterprise and fiscal reform that honors our American heritage and unlocks the boundless potential of our people.

Third Party Candidates
Third party candidates are on the ballot only in the General Election

House of Delegates District 30
Green – David Gross

Independent – Michael Anthony Lagana

A.A.Co. Council, District 2
Green – George Law

Senator, A.A.Co. District 31
One seat to be won in a one-on-one race in the General Election.

Philip Jimeno: Incumbent; unopposed.

David Kyle: Unopposed.

Delegate, A.A.Co. District 31
Three Primary winners from each party will compete in the General Election for three seats.

Joan Cadden: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking re-election in order to continue my service to the constituents in my district. My experience and dedication as a member of the House Appropriations Committee will help to assure the continuation of funding of education and environmental land-preservation initiatives.

2. I have worked extensively on school issues, as an honorary life member of the PTA and as an appointed member of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education from 1983 to 1988. I am a board member Opportunity Builders, a workplace for disabled adults. As a licensed cosmetologist, I have owned and operated my own beauty shop for 26 years.

3. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I serve on the Capital Budget Subcommittee, the Oversight Committee on Pensions and Personnel and the Joint Committee on Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas. I chair both the Public Safety and Administration Subcommittee and the Education Subcommittee of the Anne Arundel County Delegation. My leadership positions enable me to strongly influence educational and environmental funding initiatives, particularly when dealing with capital budget issues.

4. I am concerned about environmentally appropriate usages of port land; uncontrolled growth and overdevelopment in Critical Areas of Chesapeake Bay; harmful runoff in Bay tributaries from both chemical and development sources.

5. I am committed to restoring the fragile tributary waters of Chesapeake Bay. I will continue to pioneer funding of environmental land-preservation initiatives such as the Magothy River Greenway and promote emergency protection of endangered bog ecosystems, which are imperative to the restoration and healthy future of the Bay.

Thomas Fleckenstein: No response.

Kevin McLean
1. I love Anne Arundel County. I have three young children who will be growing up here, and I want this to be the best place possible for them.

2. For the past 15 years, I’ve been an advocate for seniors, representing victims of nursing home abuse as an attorney. I feel that I am most qualified to help the state in providing proactive solutions to the problems facing our seniors, such as prescription drug relief. In addition, I’m the project coordinator of the Maryland Network for Clean Campaigns. I’ve helped to get a bill passed authorizing a study on public financing of campaigns. It is very important to me that everybody has an equal say in our political process, and I’m the candidate best suited to make that a reality.

3. Besides my experience with both senior issues and campaign finance reform, I bring fresh, honest, and aggressive leadership. I’ve been an environmental activist all my life. I’m a lifetime Sierra Club member and, in my free time, I authored “Green Tips,” a weekly news column that was published for years throughout the United States and Canada.

4. Our current policies have not worked, and I think this is another reason for new leadership. We have both horrible traffic and horrible pollution. We need to take a serious look at the development problems and come up with new, innovative solutions.

5. I feel that I have a new, innovative vision for the future. Our children deserve better schools and clean playgrounds. Our seniors deserve to enjoy their retirement. I really care about the issues that are important to you and promise to work hard to make things better.

Mary Rosso: Incumbent.
1. My first four years in the House of Delegates were productive. I was successful in getting legislation passed that (1) protected at-risk college students from bacterial meningitis, and (2) established a citizen advisory committee on dredge disposal projects in my district. The Community Right to Know Fund and Environmental Justice Commission were also implemented because of my efforts.

2. I have worked for the community for 30 years as a volunteer. I started the Anne Arundel County Voters for Environmental Justice PAC. This was the first PAC to endorse and work for candidates who voted for environmentally friendly legislation at the local level. I served for eight years on the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, 10 years on the State of Maryland’s Air Quality Advisory Committee and I was a founding member of both the Maryland Waste Coalition and the Maryland Citizen Action Coalition. I was an environmental aide to former Sen. Gerald Winegrad for four years.

3. My ability to work with people is a special strength that can make the difference between a bill passing or failing. Also, my knowledge of the system and community issues are additional strengths to ensure my people get their issues presented in a fair and balanced way. My love of the office and serving the public gives me the strength to perform effectively.

4. Building in the Critical Areas has continued with grandfathered lots. Undeveloped waterfront areas are disappearing from our county. Although Smart Growth has helped keep some rural lands from sprawl-development, we are not keeping pace with ensuring our sensitive areas stay forested and buffered. Small community developments are a thing of the past, as new huge communities bring strip shopping centers and traffic. Salt water intrusion has impacted some communities, and there is a possibility we may have to extend public water to outlying areas. This will create more growth, and the spiral of growth in Critical Areas will increase.

5. We will have clean renewable energy that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce air and water pollution. Our Bay and all our waterways will be teeming with marine life, crabs, oysters, fish. We will have transportation compatible with communities, greenways connecting communities, Bridge to Education funded fully and health care for all.

Don Dwyer
1. I believe that all citizens have a responsibility to serve, and I believe it is my turn to serve our state.
2. I am a citizen of Maryland. I own and operate a small business and understand the foundations of law.
3. I have the ability to see that citizens are protected based on their constitutional rights.
4. My primary environmental concern is the condition of the Chesapeake Bay. We must minimize or eliminate sewage overflows containing untreated human waste. We must also have cost-effective compliance mechanisms for industrial waste water.
5. My vision would be that all law be based on a Constitutional foundation. I would hope that your children and grandchildren would inherit a system of law that will serve all. Environmentally, each of us are responsible for the environment; therefore, we must hold each other accountable for our actions as they impact all areas of life.

Thomas Gardner: No response.

Carl Holland: No response.

John Leopold: Incumbent; no response.

Senator, A.A.Co. District 32
One seat to be won in a one-on-one race in the General Election.

Ed DeGrange: Incumbent; unopposed.

Terry Gilleland: Incumbent; unopposed.

Delegate, A.A.Co. District 32
The 32nd is represented by a team of three delegates. Three Primary winners from each party will compete in the General Election for three seats.

No contest. All three will advance to the ballot for the General election.
Mary Ann Love: Incumbent

Theodore Sophocleus: Incumbent

Victor Sulin

Rob Burton
1. I am running for the House of Delegates because I do not feel that my point of view is adequately represented there now.

2. I have no specific qualifications for office aside from being reasonably intelligent and very conservative. However, anyone who believes in a citizen legislature as I do will see this as a plus.

3. While I am a Republican, I have rather libertarian tendencies. If elected, I would certainly bring a unique viewpoint on many issues to the General Assembly.

4. I believe that those most capable of managing land-use and growth are those who live and work on the land. My greatest concern comes as politicians in Annapolis decide that they can make land-use decisions and regulate growth through legislation from leather chairs in the General Assembly. I would like the most control to be in the hands of those most directly affected.

5. I would like to see Maryland resemble a “free state,” as our motto implies. Removing the state government from its position of all-powerful control is the only way to do that.

Robert Pepersack
1. I am seeking this office, first, so that the citizens of District 32 can and will be represented in Annapolis, and second, to give this state an honest two-party system.

2. I was with the Maryland State PoliceFor 26 years; four years sheriff of Anne Arundel County; and have a lifetime of pubic service and leadership training, with involvement in local, state and national government.

3. Honesty, integrity and experience and my resolve to energetically represent the citizens of District 32.

4. A long-term plan and course of action must be laid down by all involved parties — ecologists, farmers, builders, average citizens, land owners, fishermen, shipping and harbor businesses — in an on-going dialogue that is supported by state and federal governments.

5. No tax increases! We must repair a one billion-dollar deficit by reducing government spending; properly fund education, if necessary, using revenues from slots at race tracks; restore our transportation trust fund for roads and mass transit; and fix a broken criminal justice system, particularly juvenile justice and corrections.

John Pilkins: No response.

Jim Rzepkowski: Incumbent
1. I am running to represent the shared values of my community. I will promote quality public education, lower taxes, smaller central government, a meaningfully balanced budget and laws that foster and protect the law-abiding, individually responsible citizen.

2. I have served in the General Assembly for the past eight years and am seeking a third four-year term. I serve on the House Ways and Means Committee with a key appointment to the Transportation Subcommittee. Prior to that, I was on the staff of the late Sen. John A. Cade, senate minority leader. I graduated with Phi Beta Kappa Honors from the University of Maryland-College Park with a BA degree in government and politics. I currently serve on the board of directors for my homeowners association, as House chair of both the Republican Work Group on Transportation and the Maryland Republican Legislators Committee.

3. My special strength is my belief that one person can make a difference. I can make a difference in the lives of the citizens I represent on a one-to-one basis as well as collectively. I am honest, trustworthy and hard working, and I apply as much positive energy as I can to everything I do.

4. I have a 10-month old son. Growing up, I fished, skied, swam and cruised the Bay and its tributaries. I want to be able to do the same with my son without worry that the fish is inedible or the water too toxic to enjoy. We need to be vigilant about what runoff ends up it the Bay and what effects they have. Any disturbance on the Bay’s shore needs to protect the natural habitat for all the creatures of the Bay who depend upon them.

5. I believe in the American dream. I believe in the freedom, creativity and spirit of the individual citizen. I want to build a community of responsible citizens who can seize the opportunity for a better life, which includes advancing through quality education and a thriving business climate in a healthy environment.

David Starr: No response.

David Tibbetts: No response.

Senator, A.A.Co. District 33
One seat to be won. In the General election, Democratic Sen. Robert Neall will compete against Republican Del. Janet Greenip, who hopes to change Houses.

Robert Neall: Incumbent; unopposed.

Janet Greenip: Unopposed.

Delegate, A.A.Co. District 33-A
In District 33A, two Primary winners from each party and the Independent candidate will compete in the General Election for two seats.

No contest. Both candidates will be on the ballot in the General election.

Steve Rizzi

Jim Snider

David Boschert: Incumbent
1. I’m seeking re-election because I believe in legislators who are people-oriented, not politically oriented. I’ve prided myself throughout my career on helping people first, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

2. I have served four years in the House of Delegates, following 10 and a half years in the Anne Arundel County Council, to which I was appointed in 1984 to fill an unexpired term. I was elected to the council on my own in 1986 and ’90 and served as chair in 1992 and ’93.
I’ve also served on many appointed board and commissions by way of county executive and gubernatorial appointment. Among them are the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Animal Control Board, Severn River Commission, the Citizen Advisory Board of Crownsville Hospital Center and the board regulating landscapers and architects.

3. My special strength is constituent representation, which has been proven throughout my political career. I vote for legislation based on merit and justification of need — not political emotion.

4. We must look at point/non-point pollution areas and make sure our governmental wastewater facilities are not in violation of its own pollution laws. I supported last year’s Coastal Bays legislation and the Green Cathedral and Open Space programs. We have to be very careful where we dump our dredge material. Poplar Island is where we can make a spot that’s aesthetically sound, environmentally safe and a sanctuary for wildlife.

5. My vision is for all residents of Maryland to get better educated on environmental issues. We must balance our environmental concerns with our economic needs.

Tony McConkey: No response.

Sean Logan
1. We need good people to step up and run this state. The alternative is unacceptable.

2. Graduate U.S. Naval Academy: BS Ocean Engineering 1985; University of Southern California: MS Business 1990; University of Maryland School of Law: JD Law Degree 1993. I have been a small business vice president since 1993/. I was also a member of the Crofton Small Area Planning Committee.

3. I have a strong fiscal, business, environmental and leadership background; Marine Corps and business management experience. I am a father and husband.

4. Improperly funded deteriorating sewage treatment plants!

5. In the difference between poverty and plenty, poverty is the problem, not the difference. Hard work, education, responsibility, property rights, rule-of-law, democratic government: These are the things needed to allow everyone to succeed. And these are the things that good governments should pursue.

Elizabeth ‘Vicky’ Overbeck: No response.

Delegate, A.A.Co. District 33-B
This new subdistrict of the 33rd has no incumbent. One seat is to be won. The Primary winners from each party will compete in the General Election.

Dotty Chaney
1. I am seeking this office to make a positive difference in the quality of life in Anne Arundel County and in Maryland.

2. I served on theAnne Arundel County Board of Education, 1985-1995; Carrie Weedon Science Center Board of Directors as president; Board of Scholarships for Scholars; United Way Community Partnership; YWCA Board; Londontowne Public House Foundation; former Superintendent Carol S. Parham’s Task Force on Early Childhood Education as co-Chair; County Executive Janet S. Owen’s Education Transition Team as co-Chair; Maryland Higher Education Commission, Commissioner; Judith P. Hoyer Blue Ribbon Commission; and the Anne Arundel County Local Management Board.

3. I bring an open mind and a willingness to listen to, and research, all sides of an issue. I bring the knowledge and experience of an active, involved lifelong resident of Anne Arundel County along with a deep regard and respect for the people and the places that make Anne Arundel County and Maryland the unique havens that they are.

4. Land preservation and traffic are of great concern to me. The daily congestion on our roads highlights the fact that road infrastructure and transportation issues have not been adequately addressed as development has progressed. Traffic and transportation issues require thoughtful, focused attention — and they require it now. I support programs that preserve agricultural land use: Open Space, Rural Legacy and Agricultural Preservation.

5. My dream is for all people to have quality opportunities to pursue as they aspire to their highest potentials as students and as citizens in communities that are safe, healthy and lasting.

Tom McCarthy Sr.
1. As an attorney, I am an advocate for the powerless. I have the opportunity to continue and expand my advocacy as a legislator.

2. I have extensive experience as a systems engineer, which qualifies me to analyze budget proposals in the development of the state’s computer systems. I have a master’s degree in taxation and understand the intricacies of the Maryland tax code. As an attorney, I am required to know and apply the law on a daily basis.

3. As one of roughly 140 delegates, it is imperative to be able to persuade others. My negotiation skills and ability to persuade will enable me to get things done for my constituents. I will not simply cater to the establishment; I will stand-up for the people of Southern and Northern Anne Arundel County. I am not beholden to corporations or developers. I am committed, and always have been, to the people.

4. Critical Areas are being destroyed. Accurate traffic studies are not being performed. Adequate facilities ordinances are ignored. Little or no environmental follow-up and enforcement is implemented once a grading/building permit has been issued to a developer. It is unacceptable that Chesapeake Bay’s natural resources are at dangerously low levels. I will work to pass legislation to provide stiff sanctions for those who scoff at our laws.

5. I envision a world where quality medical care is not determined by income and where every child receives a superior education. A person is measured by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. I envision a world in which integrity is prized, hard work is appreciated and love and devotion to family is paramount.

Bob Costa
1. The state legislature affects the quality of life of all citizens. I have seen our government ignore the citizens of South County and its senior citizens statewide. I want to be their voice in Annapolis.

2. I have served the public nearly my entire life, beginning in the Boy Scouts in Annapolis, then as a firefighter, as a volunteer in the West Annapolis station and a career firefighter in Anne Arundel County. I was elected to the Republican State Central Committee in 1998 and was elected chair in 1999.

3. Honesty, integrity and a desire to help people who need the assistance of our government.
As a father to two young boys, I want to ensure they have opportunity to succeed in Maryland. Education must challenge them as well as provide them the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

As the son of a parent who retired and maintained a mortgage while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I want to work to ensure our seniors can continue to afford to live in Maryland and have quality health care and affordable prescription drug coverage.

4. As a resident of South County for over 17 years, I have seen our rural heritage decrease without the necessary support services accompanying growth. There must be a balance of growth and services to provide quality of life for all citizens.

5. That Maryland lead the nation in quality of life. Our senior citizens should stay among our communities, businesses should beg to come to Maryland and our tourism should be envied worldwide.

Larry Myers
1. The General Assembly and the next governor must take Maryland in a different direction. Maryland now faces tremendous challenges in budget, health care and education.

I will focus on improving standards, accountability and opportunity for excellence in our education system; promoting economic opportunity without excessive regulation or taxation; applying principles of sound fiscal management to eliminate the state’s structural general and transportation fund budget deficits; expanding access to affordable healthcare; and preserving our unique quality of life through responsible environmental protection.

2. I believe that my experience and commitment to service uniquely qualify me to represent District 33B in Annapolis. A certified public accountant by profession and a former small business owner, I’ve served as chief legislative aide to Delegates Bob Baldwin and Janet Greenip for the past three years. In this time, I’ve learned my way around the state capitol and the legislative process, and I’ve acquired skills crucial to getting things done in Annapolis.

3. In addition to my financial, business and legislative skills, I bring my commitment to responsive service to the community, strong values and the courage of my convictions. I’ve learned that caring and responsiveness can make an enormous difference in the lives of those who need help. I pledge to be the kind of full-time public servant who can be relied on … no matter how big or small your concern.

4. To preserve our unique way of life in Anne Arundel County and still balance the reasonable rights and needs of property owners, we must assure that any growth and land-use decisions are guided by a commitment to preserve and protect our cherished Chesapeake Bay for future generations.

5. Maryland has been driven by political opportunism without a responsible plan for efficient delivery of critical government services. My vision is that Maryland would become a true two-party state where issues are honestly and openly debated and elected officials balance the rights and needs of all Marylanders.

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