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 Vol. 10, No. 36

September 5-11, 2002

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  1. Why are you seeking election?
  2. What in your background prepares you for public service?
  3. What special strength would you bring to this office?
  4. What growth or land-use problem in Chesapeake Country concerns you and why?
  5. In 50 words or less, what is your vision?

Anne Arundel County Executive
One seat to be won in the Republican primary either by Tom Angelis or Phil Bisssett, the winner to compete against Janet Owens in the General Election.

Janet Owens: Incumbent; unopposed.

Tom Angelis
1. I have a vision for our county that will enhance greatly the quality of life for our citizens. I welcome the opportunity to implement that vision as county executive.

2. Presently I am a high school teacher in Baltimore. Previous to teaching, I have been Anne Arundel County director of Recreation and Parks, a long-time businessman, a legislative aide in the United States Senate and a police sergeant in Washington, D.C.

Additionally I am pursuing my masters certificate in Education and possess a BA in government and an associates degree in law enforcement.

3. I am a very competent administrator who has been successful in a variety of endeavors. In tandem with this, I fully intend to remain close to the communities and citizens of the county in a very populist manner. To lose sight of those we serve in the communities is to promote ineffective government — and this will not be tolerated in my administration.

4. The greatest challenge with land use is to foster controlled, properly managed growth that will conform with the environment involved. Regardless of whether the impacted area is rural or urban, water- or land-related or densely versus lightly populated, responsible growth must be overseen by the county administration. This must be a strong theme for county government.

5. My vision as the government leader is to oversee a county in which all citizens maintain a true sense of pride in their environment and life. This ownership of pride could be based in a healthy public-private relationship that would be the foundation for a quality lifestyle for all.

Phil Bissett
1. I believe Anne Arundel County is a wonderful place to live, work and recreate. A clear vision for our future is critical to our success, a vision and plan that offers opportunities for all our citizens.

2. I have spent the last 11 years serving the citizens of this county.As a state legislator and chairman of the county legislative delegation, a member of the county liquor board, a small business owner, youth athletic league coach, active member of the PTA, PTO and CAC and, most importantly, a father of three school-age children. It has been a very rewarding experience.

3. My knowledge and understanding of the people of our county and my in-depth knowledge of the state-county legislative process are assets I believe will benefit our citizens. My proven ability to work with various constituencies to achieve results is valuable. Politics is a people business, and respecting others’ differing views and opinions is a must.

4. A long-range vision, a well thought-out plan, a realistic strategy and some definable goals are necessary to establish a reasonable balance between environmental protection and economic development. This must be achieved and implemented in a manner consistent with our needs.

5. Our vision focuses on three themes: 1. SMART Education policy: Students Making Achievement on Report cards through Teachers; 2. ARREST Public Safety plan: Accountability, Responsiveness, Respect, Enforcement, Service, Traffic control; 3. CONSERVE Environmental Protection/Economic Development strategy: Compatibility, Opportunity, Need, Strong leadership, Environment, Retention, Vested interest, Economy/economics.

A.A.Co. Council District 4
One seat to be won. The winner of the Democratic Primary will compete against unchallenged Republican Michael Malone in the General Election.

Bill Burlison: Incumbent.
1. I wish to complete my work on the counci,l which is restricted by a two-term limit.

2. Service in many elective and appointive offices on the local, state and national levels; e.g., states attorney, assistant attorney-general, member of Congress.

3. Experience and achievement with a willingness to work long and hard for my constituents and my county.

4. The most overriding concern is the continued degradation of Chesapeake Bay and the quantity and quality of its habitat. This must be central in our thoughts and actions as we search for the most perfect balance achievable between carefully planned growth and the overall quality of life. The most frustrating countervailing positions are: There must be no further growth and development because of overcrowded schools and roads, etc.; Are we going to make it impossible for people who work in the county to live here, and vice versa?

5. My dream entails a greater determination on the part of our citizens to preserve and conserve the aesthetics and resources of our county and apply a dedication and work ethic to make it happen. There must be a willingness of public officials to make hard choices.

Terry Wilson
1. I believe that the next Anne Arundel County councilman needs to be responsive to the needs of the citizens and their communities. Citizens should have input into what is built in and around their communities. We need a councilman who will work with others on the council to achieve successful resolutions. I am committed to doing exactly those things.

2. I have lived and worked in Anne Arundel County for 28 years. I worked for 21 years as a police officer in the county, protecting the citizens and observing the issues relating to public safety and the need to partner with citizens to ensure safe communities. As a county citizen, taxpayer and voter, I have been a party to some of the changes that have taken place in the county as well as being affected by others. As a concerned and involved parent, I raised two children who matriculated through the public school system.

3. My ability to listen, to hear what people are interested in and to relate to the citizens of this county and District 4 on a basic and fundamental level.

4. The preservation of undeveloped county land is a key issue that I will dedicate my time and efforts to. Citizens and county government should make careful and well thought-out decisions regarding development, keeping in mind the preservation of open space, neighborhood parks and recreational facilities. I want to ensure that the beauty of Anne Arundel County, the very thing that inspired so many of us to make our homes here, is not destroyed by overbuilding, oversaturation and the loss of open space for all citizens to enjoy.

5. My vision is to ensure that citizens have a voice in the government that affects their lives. To ensure that county government responds fairly to the needs of all of its citizens. To appropriately compensate teachers and to ensure every student receives the best education possible. To acquire exemplary teachers and retain those of high caliber currently teaching through fair and appropriate compensation. To improve the quality of education for the children of Anne Arundel County by eliminating overcrowded classrooms.

Michael Malone: Unopposed

A.A.Co. Council District 5
One seat to be won in the General Election.

George Maloney: Unopposed

Cathy Vitale: Incumbent, unopposed

A.A.Co. Council District 6
One seat to be claimed.

Barbara Samorajczyk: Incumbent, unopposed

A.A.Co. Council District 7
One seat to be won. There is no incumbent, as Councilman John Klocko has served for two terms, the limit allowed in the county council. The winner of the Democratic Primary will compete against the winner of the Republican Primary in the General Election.

Patricia O’Brien Boarman
1. I am a leader, qualified and experienced. I have public and community service expertise plus political knowledge to make me the best qualified candidate for the 7th District Council seat.

2. I have received many awards over many years for my volunteer service as a leader of many associations, achieving goals and making accomplishments, protecting and preserving our environment and our quality of life. I am a leader and a team player. Jan. 21 was proclaimed Pat O’Brien Day in Anne Arundel County, and past States Attorney Warren Duckett made me the second Honorary States Attorney.

3. My expertise. As a civic leader I have dealt with the federal, state and county governments and have spoken before the county council, zoning hearing officers and Board of Appeals. I would be an aggressive representative for District 7 and a fiscal conservative. I would work very closely with the other council members, and I’d introduce legislation granting residents more say in zoning by requiring special exceptions for mall-builders.

4. Stricter, stronger enforcement needed in environmental and stormwater management violations and in zoning permit violations. Along the waterfront in critical environmental areas, homes are being built or remodeled that are not in compliance with their permits and without enforcement by inspectors.

5. We can keep South Country rural by giving citizens more say in zoning issues; supporting the passage of Small Area Plans and supporting the Greenways Plan that will protect land and provide recreational and transportation benefits for future generations.

Peter Perry
1. Former District 7 Councilwoman Virginia Clagett, now a delegate, and former delegate Marsha Perry said I could be of more service as an elected official than a citizen advocate. From this grew the Grassroots Campaign, staffed by my wife and sons and volunteers who came forward to be part of American democracy.

2. Endorsed by The Sierra Club, I have 27 years’ service in over 15 civic associations, from environmental protection to health and education issues. For the South County Coalition, I worked to protect our agricultural and forestry interests. As chair of the Land Use & Zoning sub-committee on the South County Small Area Plan, I spent hundreds of hours at council meetings. I know the demands and responsibilities of being a councilman. Now retired, I can devote full time to the job of listening to and serving all Anne Arundel citizens.

3. Over 20 years as professional manager of a 159-person technical staff, working on projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope, has prepared me to make programs work on a timely basis and within budget. I earned a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and taught at SUNY’s Maritime College, so I understand the needs of teachers everywhere.

4. The Baltimore Sun endorsed me as “an environmental activist who wants to attract clean high-tech industries to the county and strictly enforce laws that protect the county’s waterfront.” We can balance business needs and environmental goals where everyone wins.

5. I envision a legacy of happy, healthy citizens, young and old, living in a cleaner and safer environment which they will pass on to their children. We need to work together to do this. I will be your voice on the council. You will be my strength.

Bill Rinehart: No response.

Ed Reilly: No response.

David Wayson
1. To represent the people not being represented.

2. I am a people person. Over 3,500 families have put their trust in me. I have experience in the political world that will help to get things accomplished.

3. The ability to listen to all sides of an issue and make a decision for the greater good.

4. Growth of subdivisions and increase in population without growth in amenities for the existing population. We need to be concerned about over-burdened roads, depletion of ground water and sewer and septic spills in the Bay.

5. Nine generations of Waysons have lived in this county. I have a personal stake in preserving our quality of life and quality of lifestyle during my life time. I will listen and represent the 7th District for the benefit of all its citizens.

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