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 Vol. 10, No. 36

September 5-11, 2002

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We at Bay Weekly think Primary season is the most exciting time in politics, as citizens of so many stripes compete to become our leaders. The word government has a bad sound to many people. But not to these would-be leaders, for they understand that the good of the job is the work of government: improving our communities, restoring our Bay, safeguarding our future.

Throughout the summer of 2002, these neighbors have been hard at work to make their dreams come true. Answering the call to run for office (yes, that’s how candidate after candidate has described their reason for running) has put them to many a test. They’ve endured cold sweat as they’ve examined their consciences and framed their philosophies, and hot sweat as they’ve planted signs in parched earth on 98-degree days.

Getting up early and staying up late, they’ve spoken with as many of us as didn’t slam the door in their faces.

That, of course, is because it’s we the people who choose our leaders.

To help you make choices that are in your best interest — and the Bay’s — when you go to vote September 10, we’ve asked the candidates to speak to you directly. This time around, we surveyed candidates running at or from the county level, and only candidates who have opponents in the Primary. We focused on districts that comprise our prime circulation area. In the interests of space and fairness, we’ve edited for grammatical accuracy and length. For consistency, candidates are presented in alphabetical order, as are party affiliations.

For the General Election, we’ll include the big seats — governor and Congress — as well as winners in this Primary. We asked only five questions, but in answering, the candidates have revealed their motivations, their strengths and their hopes.

We hope this Guide helps you match your vote with the candidates who match your values. Let us know.

Sandra Martin, Bay Weekly Publisher and Editor

Copyright 2002
Bay Weekly